Rollout of new Convergence Server Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) a Success

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we recently released our new Convergence Server Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS). And we’re happy to report that initial customer reviews from the field have been very positive!

As we’ve delivered the LMS to our customers, we’ve heard from people with many different roles: training managers, IT and HR leads, department and team heads, workers, and more. It’s been exciting for us to meet with everyone and to see their own excitement when they realize what our new LMS can do for them.

Here is a small sample of some of the feedback we’ve gotten:

“Convergence is the missing link of training. This new LMS finally brings everything together for me.”

“The LMS paid for itself in one week by reducing employee overtime related to training.” (Woah – this one caught even us off guard!)

“I can see how this will make my job easier.”

If you still haven’t checked out the Convergence Server Enterprise LMS, we invite you to do it now to see why our customers are raving. Key benefits of the LMS include:

  • All employees receive personalized training plan
  • Reporting data available on organization-wide basis
  • Content stored and “owned” locally
  • Administers multiple training activity types
  • Easy content import and creation
  • Ability to share training content
  • Training content updating and versioning
  • Qualifications geared to verify members of team are qualified for job profile
  • Assignment flexibility to match organization’s needs
  • Employee’s training assignments update automatically when employee changes job role
  • System maintains all historical training records
  • Reports allow for immediate access to focused training data
  • Automated, recurrent reports deliver training data to right people at right time
  • Configurable security roles allow for multiple levels of administrators
  • Notification system alerts employees of important training events

Find out more about our new Learning Management System on our website.

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