Train a Smarter Workforce

Looking for a way to deliver a consistent training message and quickly develop a competent workforce? Check out Convergence Enterprise LMS.

Create Qualified Workers

Identify skills and compliance gaps to strengthen your workforce

Speed up Onboarding

Easily assign a pre-designed training curriculum to new hires

Organize Training Records

Track and record online, classroom, and on-the-job training

Multi-site Scalability

Deliver a consistent training method across your organization

See How it Works

Watch this 2 minute overview to find out what makes the Convergence Enterprise LMSthe perfect tool for managing training for compliance and skill development.

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Convergence Training

Industrial Strength Training Management

The Backbone of Your Training Program

This is a learning management system made for the demands of industrial facilities. Whether you operate a single site or large multi-site company, produce practical, trackable results with this efficient and easy-to-use system.

Mirror your Organizational Heirarchy

Convergence Enterprise LMS is designed to grow with you. Pilot the system at one site, and easily scale up over time to include your whole organization. Take advantage of our fast multimedia content servers which allow you to stream large SCORM courses, videos, and other high-bandwith training materials more efficiently.

Simplify Training Administration

Easy Assignments

Assign training to individuals or groups. Employees can log in from any internet connected computer to view and launch their training assignments.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Reduce the time and cost involved in administering your training program by taking advantage of our scheduling and automation features. Workers get clear instruction on how to take required training and receive automatic email notifications for upcoming classes and tests.

Convergence Training
Convergence Training

Import Any Training Content

Import Training From Anywhere

Use our Import Wizard to easily import videos, powerpoints, documents, and eLearning content in standard SCORM or AICC formats. Combine your imported training with quizzes, tests, and tasklists created with the Enterprise multimedia Quiz Builder, and include images or videos to enhance interactivity.

Convergence Course Library

Get access to our award-winning catalog of training courses. Our video-based eLearning courses cover health and safety, human resources, equipment operation safety, and other modern industrial training topics.

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Blended Learning Support

Record any Type of Training

Track both computer-based and real-world training, including instructor-led and field testing.

On-The-Job-Training (OJT) Tools

Combine our Enterprise LMS with Convergence Mobile to let a supervisor give credit to an employee for properly demonstrating skills, procedures, or knowledge in the field. Workers digitally "sign" documents to acknowledge receipt and understanding.

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Convergence Training
Convergence Training

Flexible Reporting

Find Qualified Operators

Use our library of over 50 pre-built reports to easily analyze training data and determine the skill level and training status of your workers.

On-Demand Training Insights

Take advantage of a flexible and powerful set of administrative tools for tracking training and sharing completion records and competency reports. Employee progress is automatically recorded by the system, documenting computer-based and real-world training events.


Managing Complex Compliance Training

See how industrial recycling company, Emerald Services, leveraged Convergence to save time administering complicated regulatory training.

Convergence allowed us to set up different training plans for each division, each company, each industry we’re working in, and to track it in real time. The training data is always up-to-date and it’s far more accurate than if we were trying to keep track of this in an Excel spreadsheet
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Convergence Training

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Convergence Mobile

Digital maintenance manuals and video-based SOPs. Mobile performance support delivered where you need it most.

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Case Study

Find out how Enterprise LMS helped a large manufacturer cut 60% of their training-related overtime costs.

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Download our Convergence Enterprise datasheet.