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We combine the most engaging visuals, and the most accurate information, and the latest technology to create the best eLearning courses you can buy.

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Don't Waste Your Money on Bad Training

Don't waste another dollar on bullet-filled PowerPoints or clipart slideshows - visuals matter! Sight accounts for 83% of our sensory input. That's why we pack our courses with high-quality visuals that blend all types of multimedia to increase learning and retention. And... to keep learners from falling asleep!

  • 3D models and animation of real-life equipment
  • 2D motion graphics, illustrations, arrows, highlights
  • Text that reinforces key concepts and supports narration
  • Narration that is short, sweet, and to the point
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It's All About Learning

We understand that learning is about retaining good information. That's why we build our visuals around key concepts that support course learning objectives. To ensure those learning objectives are met, we incorporate progress reviews throughout each course and finish with a comprehensive knowledge assessment.

  • Clearly defined learning objectives
  • Multiple choice, matching, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false question types
  • Configurable passing scores
  • Reporting to help identify knowledge gaps
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Complete Compatibility

Our eLearning courses are compatible with all modern browsers and operating systems. Take training on your desktop computer, tablet, or phone.

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Don't Settle for Outdated Technology

You need eLearning with ultimate flexibility. That's why we've taken the most advanced eLearning creation tools and pushed them even further to create a completely unique training platform. This technology allows us to easily modify passing scores, configure buttons and playback funtionality, update themes and styles, and more.

  • Deliver via SCORM or AICC
  • Compatible with all modern browsers and devices, including phones
  • Configure based on your needs
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Training That Speaks to Everyone

Whether you're a local company employing international workers, or an international company with offices around the globe, we can help. Convergence courses offer a consistent training message in multiple language formats, and can be translated for an even broader audience upon request. Learn more about our translation and localization services.

  • Professionally translated into most common global languages
  • Supports any type of written character, from alphabetic letters to logograms
  • Custom localization and translation services available
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