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Introduction to Human Performance Improvement (HPI) for Organizational Excellence

Learn about human performance improvement, or HPI, in this introductory/beginner’s-level webinar. Learn what HPI is, how to use it at your organization, and how to use some common models (ATD, Gilbert, Rummler, ADDIE, Kirkpatrck/LTEM, and more).

1:00:00 04/06/21

On Demand

Selecting & Using Online Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Training

Learn about online training tools, solutions, and techniques for the architecture, engineering & construction (AEC) industries. We’ll discuss general technology for online training, courses, considerations for continuing education and certifications, timely tips for online training during the era of COVID, and more.

1:00:00 03/09/21

Improving Maintainability and Reliability at Your Organization

Learn methods for developing competitive excellence in reliability and maintainability at your organization, including a competitive excellence model, tips for implementation & continuous improvement, and training during the COVID era.

1:00:00 02/11/21

Beginner's Guide to Online Training

Learn the basic tech, tools, terms, and techniques for online training, with a special emphasis on online training during COVID-19. This webinar will introduce elearning courses, elearning authoring tools, learning management systems (LMS), blended learning, virtual classrooms, and more.

1:00:00 01/21/21

Selecting & Using Online Safety Training

Learn online safety training tech, terms & tips from a contributor to the ANSI/ASSP Z490.2 standard for online EHS training, and get some additional tips for online safety training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1:00:00 12/08/20

Selecting & Using Online Maintenance Training

Get an intro-level overview of some of the terms, tech, and tips for selecting & using online maintenance training. We’ll focus on elearning courses, learning management systems, and providers, but will also give a few tips on blended learning and virtual classrooms during the COVID-19 era. You’ll also leave with handy selection criteria for courses, LMS, and providers.

1:00:00 11/19/20

Safety Performance Reconsidered: Metrics, Indicators, KPIs, and More

Join us for a reinvestigation of safety performance and safety metrics, and in particular of lagging and leading indicators. What is lagging? What is leading? How do they relate? How does one measure safety performance? Should one? These and other important issues are raised and discussed.

1:00:00 11/17/20

Preparing for the PMI Project Management Certifications

Learn everything you need to know about preparing for the PMI-PMP and PMI-ACP project management certifications, including online prep courses, changes to PMBoK and exams, and more.

1:00:00 10/22/20

Selecting & Using Online Manufacturing Training

Learn the tech, terms, and talk of online training; get tips for selecting & implementing online training; learn to design effective learning blends; and discover some online training tips for the COVID-19 era.

1:00:00 10/15/20

Cognitive Bias & Incident Investigations

Learn how our brains make decisions, how cognitive biases can influence incident investigations in an adverse manner, and how you can try to avoid or reduce the effects of cognitive bias during an incident investigation.

1:00:00 10/13/20

Essential IT & Cybersecurity Certifications

Learn about some key certifications and how to take online courses to prepare for them.

1:00:00 09/15/20

The ASSP Z490 EHS Training Standards & Online Safety Training

Learn about Z490.1 for EHS training and Z490.2 for online EHS training, get an introduction to evidence-based training methods and blended learning, learn key online safety training terms, and wrap up with criteria for selecting online safety training courses, learning management systems, and providers.

1:00:00 8/27/20

Why Apply HPI? (Human Performance Improvement)

We'll explain what HPI is and why you should consider implementing it, as well as give tips for how and how not to implement HPI at your organization.

1:03:50 7/16/20

Implementing Lean & Continuous Improvement

Learn to implement lean & continuous improvement efforts at your workplace and sustain them so they develop over time, helping your company deliver more value to customers while reducing waste.

1:00:41 6/18/20

Getting Training Online Quickly

In this recorded webinar, we give some tips for converting training to online formats well, quickly, and inexpensively while also creating effective, impactful learning activities that lead to desired learning outcomes.

1:01:47 5/21/20

Case Study: Developing Maintenance Tech Training Program

Listen to a case study that explains how Vector Solutions worked together with our valued customers CBRE to help them develop a maintenance tech training program, including but not limited to knowledge assessments, LMS, online courses, an internal “certification” program for techs, and more.

50:10 4/21/20

Training Your Maintenance Staff: 5 Key Areas to Focus on in 2020

Discover ways to not only make a safer environment for visitors, tenants and employees, but a more productive, efficient environment to boot.

50:10 4/15/20

Creating a Culture of Organizational Learning to Improve Maintenance & Reliability

Discover how learning programs and online learning tools can help your reliability & maintenance programs achieve operational excellence.

1:02:12 3/26/20

Online Manufacturing Training That Works

Get all the information you need to evaluate courses, software, and providers to find the perfect fit for your organization's manufacturing training needs.

1:00:30 2/27/20

Selecting Online Safety Training

Get all the information you need to evaluate courses, software, and providers to find the perfect fit for your organization's safety training needs.

1:00:23 1/30/20

Learning Myths and Evidence-Based Training Methods

A basic introduction to new safety, discussing how new safety may be different than old or traditional safety (also sometimes called Safety I) and highlighting commonalities and differences between the various new safety schools of thought.

1:21:11 7/29/19

Tips for Effective Safety Training

Key concepts that safety managers can begin using immediately when they design, develop, deliver, and evaluate safety training.

1:16:34 8/8/19

An Introduction to 'New Safety' (HOP, Safety II, and Safety Differently)

Learn to use training methods grounded in science and shown by research to be effective. And on the flip side, recognize some of the most common learning myths.

1:08:32 10/18/19

Comparing Online Safety Solutions

Learn everything (or nearly everything) you need to know to get started on your search for an online safety training solution that matches your safety training needs at work.

1:00:45 2/22/17

Developing Effective EHS Training

We all want safer workplaces. This webinar covers ANSI Z490.1 and offers suggestions for creating more effective EHS training that has a positive effect on your workplace.

33:28 4/1/16

Creating Manufacturing Training That Works

Learn to design, create, deliver, and evaluate manufacturing training that truly changes workplace behavior and leads to real progress toward business goals.

40:23 8/5/15

Understanding MSHA Part 46

Gain critically important insights about MSHA's Part 46 training requirements so you can get compliant, stay compliant, and avoid costly fines.

57:34 9/29/17