Report: State of Training in Manufacturing & Industry

Our Vector Solutions partners over at RedVector recently created two reports looking at the state of training in 2021: the report we’ve got for you here, the State of Manufacturing & Industrial Training in 2021, plus a similar report on the State of Architecture, Engineering & Construction Training in 2021.

If you’re involved in training in the manufacturing and industrial spaces, we think you’ll find the report below interesting and helpful. Download a copy, see for yourself, and let us know if you’ve got any questions or if we can help you out in any way.

In addition to the report below, you may also be interested in the following resources related to manufacturing & industrial training:

And of course, we make online manufacturing training courses, a learning management system (LMS), mobile training apps, and more as well.

Enjoy the guide and good luck with the workplace performance improvement efforts at your manufacturing workplace.

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State of Industrial & Manufacturing Training (2021)

Download this guide for all sorts of helpful insights into the state of industrial and manufacturing training as we enter 2021.

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The State and Future of Learning & Development in 2021: See What the Experts Think!

State of L&D 2021 Guide Image

2020 brought the COVID-19 pandemic and a lot of challenges to workplace learning efforts and neither have gone away just yet.

We asked some of the leading learning & development experts in their world for their insights on how COVID has impacted L&D and what may be in the future for L&D. There answers are in this guide.

We’d like to thank all of the contributors for sharing their time, knowledge, and insight. They include Connie Malamed, Arun Pradhan, Patti Shank, Cara North, Clark Quinn, Stella Lee, Zsolt Olah, Julie Dirksen, Mike Taylor, Jacinta Penn, Guy Wallace, Emily Wood, Kassy Laborie, Alexander Salas, Michelle Ockers, Shannon Tipton, Christy Tucker, Linda Berberich, and Richard (Dick) Clark. We encourage you to follow up and learn more from each of them–visit their websites or blogs, buy and read their books, catch them on social media where they share helpful information, and more.

If you’re interested in workforce L&D issues, you might also appreciate the State of Architecture, Engineering & Construction Training Guide and State of Industrial & Manufacturing Training Guide from our partners at RedVector.

Enjoy the guide, thanks again to the contributors, and have a safe, productive 2021 full of learning, improve performance, and success. Cheers!

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The State & Future of L&D in 2021

We asked some of the world’s leading experts in learning and development about the current state and future of learning and development. Read their insightful answers in this guide.

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Beginner’s Guide to Online Training

Beginner's Guide to Online Training

Online training has become increasingly common in recent years (and for good reason). And the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated that trend (and, again, for good reason). And, while things will change between now and the time when the COVID pandemic is finally over, it’s unlikely that things will go back to the pre-COVID state.

In short, while online training was becoming increasingly common even before COVID, and COVID accelerated that trend, we won’t abandon our new uses of online training when COVID’s in the rear view.

Is your organization interested in implementing online training or maybe using it more but perhaps you’re just not up-to-speed on all of the technologies, tools, terms, and training techniques associated with online training? If so, you’ll find this guide, our Beginner’s Guide to Online Training, helpful.

We discuss and explain a lot of the things you need to know to begin implementing online training at your workplace in this guide, including: elearning courses, elearning authoring tools, virtual classes, learning management systems (LMS), mobile learning apps, SCORM, AICC, xAPI, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence/machine learning, chatbots, and more.

We hope you find this guide helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions about online training, including of course online training courses, learning management systems (LMS), and mobile learning apps.

Also, a quick heads-up for you that we recently talked about this same stuff in a live webinar which you can now listen to as a recorded “Beginner’s Guide to Online Training” webcast at your leisure.

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Beginner’s Guide to Online Training

Download this guide to learn the basic tech, terms, and tips related to online training–LMS, elearning courses, authoring tools, virtual classrooms, and more.

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Report: The State of Training in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industries

AEC Training Guide Image

At Vector Solutions, we specialize in performance improvement solutions and training solutions for many industries, and our Vector partners at RedVector have an especially strong offering for training and continuing education for the people in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries.

In this guide, we’ve pulled together research we’ve done from AEC industry sources, our own AEC customers, training experts, data on our own product and course utilization, and more to give you some insight into the state of Architecture, Engineering & Construction training as we head into 2021.

Hope you find this helpful. Let us know if you’ve got questions about AEC training solutions, including learning management systems (LMS), continuing education, online AEC courses, or more.

In addition to this guide, you might find our recent State of Industrial & Manufacturing Training Guide and State of Learning & Development in 2021: See What the Experts Think! guide interesting as well.

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State of Training in AEC Guide (2021)

Download this guide for all sorts of helpful insights into the state of training in architecture, engineering & construction industries as we enter 2021.

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Tissue Manufacturing Online Training Guide

Thinking of implementing online training for your tissue manufacturing workforce? But not sure how to select & use online training?

If so, we’ve got the guide for you at the bottom of this article.

Before you go, download the free guide and be sure to check out our stunning, 3-D animated tissue manufacturing online training courses, learning management system (LMS) specially made for your industry, and other workplace performance improvement tools.

And please let us know if you’ve got any questions or would like to set up a preview or demo.

Enjoy the guide to online training for tissue manufacturing and we wish you luck in your search! 

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Guide to Tissue Manufacturing Online Training

Download this free guide to learn how to select and use online training in the tissue manufacturing industry. Includes tips on general training, blended learning, online courses and learning management systems, and more.

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Z490 Basics: Your Intro to the ANSI/ASSP Z490 EHS Training Standards

Z490 EHS Training Standard Basics Image

In case you weren’t aware, ANSI and the ASSP have two standards related to EHS training. They are:

In this article, we’re going to give you a brief introduction to both of the standards and give you updates on their current status (Jeff Dalto of Vector Solutions | Convergence Training is a member of the Z490 committee and is currently working with others to revise the Z490.1 standard).

We’ll also link you to some helpful related resources and downloadable safety training guides. What’s not to like, right?

Enjoy the Z490 overview and let us know if you’ve got any questions.


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3 Online Learning Tools (and Skills) Made More Essential by COVID-19

Workplace learning has made increasing use of technology for not only years, but for decades now.

And then the COVID-19 pandemic came, making face-to-face, instructor-led training dangerous, potentially fatal, impractical, and less desirable and making various forms of online, remote, or technology-assisted training even more desirable.

We’ve done our best to keep writing about how to deliver training more effectively and safely as a result of COVID-19, We wrote an article about quickly transitioning to elearning and another on quickly taking up live online learning and followed those up with a webinar on the same topics. Then we had a recorded discussion with Shannon Tipton about live online learning, including the use of webinars and virtual classrooms. We’ve talked about it elsewhere, most notably in some webinars on online manufacturing training and online maintenance training. And we’ll be writing about it again in an article with some tips on virtual classrooms via guru Cindy Huggett.

In this article, we’re going to quickly introduce three online learning technologies to consider as your company continues to adapt your own training programs because of COVID. As always, let us know if you’ve got any questions!


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Online Industrial Training Tools & Tech to Know About

Online Industrial Training Tools

Industrial companies and other organizations have been making increasingly common use of online training and different technologies associated with online training for some time now. And that long-term trend has only increased as a result of COVID-19.

So if you’re a manufacturing or industrial organization, and you’re looking to begin your online training journey or simply add to it, you may be asking yourself what some of the common technologies, tools, and product types are.

And that’s what we’re going to try to help you with now.

In addition to this article, please feel free to listen to our Effective Manufacturing Training that Works webinar and our Selecting Online Manufacturing Training webinar as well as download our Manufacturing Training guide and our Selecting & Using Online Manufacturing Training guide.

And of course, we’ve got a range of online manufacturing training courses, mobile training apps, and learning management systems for manufacturing organizations as well.


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LMS Basics: Can You Use an LMS to Track Safety Training Completions, Due Dates, Expirations, and Recurrent Safety Training?

LMS Basics Image

Many people are quite familiar with learning management systems (LMS), what they can do, and how you can use them at work. However, other people are still new to the idea of a learning management system, and they often ask us how they might be able to use an LMS at their workplace.

We have conversations like this with safety mangers and other people tasked with delivering, tracking, and reporting on safety and health training at their workplace, especially when it it comes to safety training that fulfills compliance requirements from organizations like OSHA or other regulators.

The short answer is that yes, many learning management systems can do that kind of stuff to help you out with your safety training. Of course, no LMS is exactly like another, and each has their own features. So some LMS may do everything a safety manager wants, whereas other LMS may miss out on a few of those safety/compliance-specific features because they focus on some other aspect of workplace learning and performance improvement.

The Convergence LMS was designed in close consultation with manufacturing and industrial clients, often including their safety managers. We designed our LMS with their needs in mind, and they’ve been battle-testing it out in the field, running our LMS through their EHS training compliance requirement challenges and letting us know when we needed tweaks or new features not just to hit that bottom floor of safety training compliance but improve overall safety at their organization while also making the LMS and safety training administration easier and easier. So, thanks to them for working with us on this for more than a decade, and lucky you for coming to us now looking for help with your safety training needs.

We’ll briefly explain a little more about how an LMS can help with your safety training needs and challenges below. And of course, we invite you to contact us with questions about using an LMS for safety training or anything having to do with safety training (we sell pretty cool 3D-animated online safety and health training courses, too, by the way).

If you’re really serious about getting some online safety training at your workplace, in addition to this article, you might find the two resources below very helpful:

Now let’s get on with our quick overview of using an LMS for these safety training assignment and tracking issues we just discussed.


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Free Infographic: Analzying & Solving Workplace Performance Problems (the Mager & Pipe Flow Chart)

Workplace Performance Probably Analysis Flowchart

One of the key tenants of human performance improvement, or HPI, is that there can be a variety of causes for workplace performance problems and therefore also a variety of potential solutions.

A corollary to this is that workforce training, while it CAN be a great idea, isn’t always the best or even an appropriate solution to a workplace problem.

Creating the RIGHT solution (or intervention) to a workplace performance problem, therefore, begins with correctly analyzing the cause of that problem (this is covered in a little more detail in our article on the ATD’s six-step HPI model).

There are many different methods or models you can use to analyze the cause of a workplace performance problem. At the bottom of this article, we’ve provided a free workplace performance problem analysis flow chart you can use for this. The flowchart is drawn from the famous book Analyzing Performance Problems; or, You Really Oughta Wanna by Robert F. Mager and Peter Pipe (if you’re not familiar with the flowchart, the book, or with Mager & Pipe, we encourage you to study up on all of them–start by reading our article here and then run, don’t walk, to buy and read the book).

Of course, there are other methods for analyzing workplace problems and improving performance, and we’ll being writing about some of them in the future as well (actually, this article on systems thinking for performance improvement and this article on the value of thinking slow, not fast at work are good places to start), but this is a pretty solid place to start.

Enjoy the free downloadable flowchart, let us know if you have any questions, and good luck improving the performance of workers at your workplace.


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eLearning Basics: Can You Make Your Own eLearning Courses?

In our ongoing “eLearning Basics” series of articles, we’re going to address the question of where you can get elearning courses from. And, in particular, we’re going to explain that you CAN make your own elearning courses and explain how.

Let us know if you’ve got other questions you’d like us to answer in future “eLearning Basics” articles, feel free to download our Blended Learning Strategies guide at the  bottom of this article, and contact us if we can help you with off-the-shelf or custom-made elearning courses for workforce training.


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