Health & Safety Management Software

Manage workplace safety with our premier EHS software solution. Featuring incident tracking, OSHA reporting and logs, inspections, behavior based safety, training, hazards, safety metric dashboards, corrective actions and more. Request a demo today!

EHS Management Software Overview

Spend less time on reporting and paperwork and more time out in the field conducting safety activities. Use data to focus on safety trouble areas and to improve the conditions and behaviors of your workforce.

Easily Record Incidents & Perform Detailed EHS Incident Investigations

Use the app to collect relevant incident data on the go, with or without an internet connection.

  • Complete workplace incident reports on the go with easy-to-use reporting forms
  • Record and track near misses and vehicle accidents, as well as employee and contractor injuries
  • Conduct detailed safety incident investigations
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Collect & Submit OSHA Recordkeeping Data

Quickly determine if a workplace incident is OSHA reportable or recordable. Easily create regulatory reports.

  • By answering a few short questions, you can determine if a workplace incident is OSHA reportable or recordable
  • Create regulatory reports including OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 logs and DOT Vehicle Accident Registers
  • Easily export recordkeeping data in order to comply with all OSHA recordkeeping rules
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Make More Informed EHS Decisions

Understand trends, perform root cause analysis, and assign corrective actions. Record and log EHS activities, including hazards, inspections, and behavior based safety observations.

  • Customizable reports allow you to analyze incident trends to better understand their causes
  • Track common data points as well your own custom fields
  • Easily assign corrective actions to prevent future incidents
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Analyze both Leading & Lagging Safety Indicators

Calculate Days Away Restricted Transfer (DART) Rate, Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), or track your own safety key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Calculate your organization's incident rates in real time
  • Senior executives, managers, front-line employees, and safety professionals can create their own personalized dashboard views
  • Rates can be reviewed and compared by month, department, facility, or location
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