3 Safety Tips Before Getting On an Aerial Lift

Aerial LIft Safety Image

The 2018 national Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction organized by OSHA was this month. As a result, we’re writing a series of articles here to provide some helpful tips related to falls, fall prevention, and fall protection.

In this article, we’ll give you a few simple and easy-to-implement safety tips for working with aerial lifts. You might also be interested in our other articles related to falls that we created for the Safety Stand-Down week, including:


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3 Ways to Ensure Your Safety When Wearing a Fall Protection Harness

Fall Protection Harness Image

Since the national Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls was just a week or two ago, we thought we’d follow up with some additional articles on preventing falls.

In this article, we’re going to provide a few quick, easy, and important tips on wearing your fall protection harness.

You might also want to check out the other articles related to falls and fall prevention that we created for the national Safety Stand-Down:


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Scaffolding Safety: 3 Ways to Work Safely on a Scaffold

Supported Scaffold Image

As you probably know, another national Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction has come and gone.

But although the Safety Stand-Down is past, the risk (and reality) of falls in construction has not.

As a result, we’re taking a closer look at some issues related to falls in construction in a series of articles. This article will focus on fall hazards related to scaffolds.

In addition to this article, we’ve also put together the following ones related to falls, fall prevention, and fall protection for the Safety Stand-Down:


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3 Ways to Avoid a Fall from a Ladder

Ladder Safety Image

As we mentioned in an earlier article, the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction just passed. Because falls in construction are such a major cause of injuries and fatalities at work, we’re dedicating a few articles at this time to providing some fall-related safety tips to make sure you and your coworkers go home safely every night.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some ladder safety tips. Ladders are especially dangerous–every year, about 70 construction workers die when falling from ladders, and in addition about 4,000 construction workers experience an injury as a result of falling from a ladder that’s so severe they miss work.

So, let’s learn three simple safety tips for staying safer while working with ladders. And don’t forget to scroll down to the very bottom of this article, where you can download a free portable ladder self-inspection checklist. 

In addition to this article, we also created the following articles on topics related to falls, fall prevention, fall protection, and fall hazards/risks that might interest you as well:


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Looking Back at the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction

Fall Protection Image

The National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction was last week (May 7-11, 2018).

In this article, we’ll review what a safety stand-down is, why we have them, and how we can help prevent falls and especially fatal falls in the construction industry.

I was lucky enough to attend a special Fall Prevention training course offered by the University of Washington’s Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences and their Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center that was timed to coincide with the Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down. In addition to the experts with UW-DEOHS/PNWOEC, there were other experts from industry (AGC), Oregon OSHA, Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (OR-FACE), and more. In short, it was a rock-star-studded event.

And so in the article below, we’ll also give some credit to all those fine presenters and highlight some of what I learned there.

In addition to this blog post, watch for one or more blog posts related to fall prevention to follow shortly.

As always, we hope these articles help improve safety at the workplace, and that’s especially true in fall prevention, where the need is so great.

In addition to this article focusing on the Safety Stand-Down itself, we’ve prepared some additional fall-related articles you may appreciate as well. So check these out too:


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Come Visit Us at the North Carolina Safety Conference: May 15-17, 2018

North Carolina Safety Conference Image

A quick note to let all you Tarheel State Safety professionals know we’ll be at the upcoming North Carolina Safety Conference May 15-17, 2018 and would love to meet you while you’re there.

Come check out our our award-winning online courses for safety and health training; our learning management system (LMS) for administering all your organizational training needs; our Incident Management Software (IMS) for tracking, correcting, and reporting workplace incidents; our mobile apps for mobile learning and mobile incident reporting/investigation; and a lot more!

Between now and then, let us know if you’ve got any questions for us and feel free to download the free Online Safety Training Buyer’s Guide Checklist below.

Online Safety Training Buyer's Guide Checklist

Online Safety Training Buyer’s Guide Checklist

Learn how to evaluate the different online safety training solutions that exist to find one that best fits your company’s needs with our FREE informative guide and checklist.

Download Free Guide

Online Safety Training Buyer's Guide Checklist

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Task Analysis: New Online Course Available

Task Analysis Online Training Course Image

We just released our new online training course for Task Analysis. Nice!

Click that link above to explore more about the course on our website, or continue to read below to see a short sample video from the course, check out the course learning objectives, and even download a free series of case studies of some of our real customers and how they benefited from adopting online safety training at their workplaces.


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Events and Causal Factor Analysis: New Online Course Available

events and causal factors online training course image

Great news! We’ve just released our new online Events and Causal Factors Analysis training course for event and incident analyses/investigations.

This is a useful tool for organizing events on a timeline to determine root causes in an incident.

We’ve provided some additional information about this new online training course for you below. There’s even a series of case studies based on real experiences of our real customers implementing online safety training at work that you can download for free at the bottom of this article. 

So let’s not waste any more time…check out the course and materials below.


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Change Analysis: New Online Course Available

Change Analysis Image

Change analysis is a problem-solving method that involves comparing a process that has failed or is performing poorly to a second process that’s operating correctly. The analysis takes place by comparing the processes over different time periods. And, as you may have guessed, the goal is to find the difference(s) between the process that’s working well and the one that’s not–and change the process that’s not working well so that it is.

There are four main steps of performing a change analysis. But not everyone knows that or how to do this. And that’s why we’ve offered our new online Change Analysis training course. We think you’ll find this new course very helpful.

By the way, if this sounds somewhat familiar to you, but you can’t place way, change analysis is also sometimes known as is/is not analysis or KT analytical troubleshooting. So maybe you know change analysis by one of those names.

Would you like more information about the new course? We’ve got some for you below, including a short sample video and a list of the course learning objectives.

We even included a collection of online safety training case studies, based on experiences from our real customers, at the bottom of this article, so check that out too! 


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ASSE/ANSI Z490.2 Update: It’s All about the Process

ANSI Z490.2 Online Safety Training Standard Image

In our last update on the progress of the upcoming ANSI/ASSE Z490.2 standard for Online EHS Training, we covered some discussions the committee had about the meaning of the phrase “online safety training.”

This time, we’re going to talk about process. The process of getting a bunch of hard-working, busy people to coordinate efforts on the creation of a national standard even though they work in different cities, on different schedules, and with different additional responsibilities beyond just writing national standards.


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Selecting Qualified Safety Trainers: Read Our Tips in ASSE’s “Professional Safety” Magazine’s May 2018 Issue

Energy Control Procedure Inspection Image

A quick head’s up that we’ve got a helpful article in the May, 2018 issue of Professional Safety, the official magazine of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE).

The article is about selecting qualified safety trainers. It gives you some tips from the ASSE/ANSI z490.1 EHS training standard and, in addition, some tips for “training up” staff to be more qualified safety trainers. It also includes a list of some of the best learning professionals in the world to learn from (more on that below) to continue sharpening your training skills.

As always, we encourage you to check out the ASSE, their Professional Safety magazine, and of course their ANSI Z490.1 standard for environmental, health, and safety training. We’re on the committee to create that standard and you can read more about that here, here,  here and here.

Read on to learn more, to see a list of recommended learning professionals to learn from, and to download a free buyer’s guide to online safety training.


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