Our Training Philosphy in a Nutshell

I wanted to briefly and summarily describe the process that we go through when creating training to help you get an idea of our training philosophy.

When we develop our computer-based courses, we start with the basics. Whether describing an entire diaper machine, or an individual component such as small as a bonder, we first answer the question, “What is this component’s role in the larger picture and how does it affect the final product?” Next, we build and use three-dimensional models to show where, within the larger system, the component is physically located.

Next we describe how that component functions. The theory and principles behind the operation of each important part of the process are explained as the equipment itself is shown and described. Once the component’s role and principle of operation are understood, we go on to describe the major points of proper operation and the impact of that operation on the rest of the system.

Presenting ideas in a logical and meaningful order is the basis of good training material. The inclusion of engaging multimedia content, including 2D and 3D animations, videos, pictures, and professional audio, enhances and completes the learning experience. The use of meaningful visual content both fills in the gaps on difficult-to-understand concepts, and reinforces the text and narration.

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