Heat Stress Causes Video Now Available

Heat stress or heat exhaustion is a serious concern for people working in extreme temperatures indoors and outside. Each year thousands of people are affected by heat stress and some even die as a result. Our Heat Stress Causes course provides training on how to avoid the dangers posed by heat exhaustion. Learn about different types of heat stress, from relatively harmless heat rashes to potentially deadly heat stroke, and learn their symptoms and causes.

Our Heat Stress Causes course includes training and test materials covering the following topics:

  • What is heat stress
  • Factors that can contribute to heat stress
  • How to regulate body temperature
  • What influences your body’s ability to tolerate heat

Visit BuyBetterTraining.com for details on how to purchase our Our Heat Stress Causes dvd.

2 thoughts on “Heat Stress Causes Video Now Available

  1. It seems that almost all training materials on heat stress prevention is aimed at individual employees rather than supervisors or business owners.<br /><br />Has Convergence ever considered creating a training video aimed directly at management on how to set up training policies and procedures for their workers?

  2. We are looking at creating employee <em>and</em> manager versions of many of our courses. Our Workforce Essentials library should have both versions of most titles. <br /><br />Much of our production is driven by customer requests, so if a supervisor-centric Heat Stress video is something you&#39;re looking for, don&#39;t hesitate to call us. That might be something we can move toward the front

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