Convergence Training’s NEW Website – The Corporate Jargon Killer

Over the past few years, we’ve gotten lots of compliments on our website. But as much as we like compliments, we’re driven by our own standards of quality and design. So check out our brand-spanking-new website for a look at who we are, what we do, and where we’re taking the industry.

We deliberately skipped traditional corporate web design, and took a revolutionary approach to our new site. We actually tell you what we do… and it may sound crazy, but we also show you some samples of our work. So be warned, if it makes you uncomfortable to have a company speak to you in direct terms, with relevant images, this site is not for you.

You won’t find businessy jargon like, “empowers companies to maximize their potential and facilitate ROI, blah, blah…” Convergence sells Training Courses, Training Management Software, and Custom Course Development Services at competitive prices to companies that value quality. Need to know more? Dig a little deeper into the site or just give us a call.

Yes, our phone lines have actual people on this end. We’re not using our site as a shield to protect us from those scary customers. Our phone number’s right at the top of every page.

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