Always Updating…

One of the many benefits of developing 3D animated training is that there’s always the opportunity to update and improve our models. As computing power increases and our development processes evolve, we get to take advantage of creating more complex and realistic 3D environments, machines, and people.

Here’s an example from our Trenching and Excavation Safety course, currently under development. The first image is what we’ve used in the past. At the time, it did the trick. But then, of course, this is a dynamic and ever-changing industry. And animators and 3D modelers characteristically like to push the envelope.

The second image is our latest model under development. It’ll be a focal point of our new Trenching and Excavating Safety course and it represents a much more sophisticated, detailed, and realistic piece of equipment. It’s the result of our increasingly refined skills, tools, and processes. Ultimately, that’s what defines an animation studio, constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible to create effective, engaging illusions that tell a story.

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