Programmable Logic Controllers: I/O Communication

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The most visible parts of the programmable logic controller system are the input system and the output system, the I/O for short. The I/O systems are the interfaces between the PLC processor and the world. A programmable logic controller is a microprocessor-based system that operates on low voltages, typically 5 volts. The real-world devices that control machines or processes operate on a wide range of voltages and currents, as high as 240 volts AC or 125 volts DC. This course will examine the various ways in which real-world devices can be connected to the input and output systems of a programmable logic controller.

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Training Time: 60 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop Only

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the three types of I/O modules.
  • Describe the differences between sourcing and sinking I/O modules.
  • Explain the different types of device networks.

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