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Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Sample Transcript

Several different types of equipment are used to clarify white water. They differ by the size of the flows they can handle and by the size of solids they remove. In general, disc filters and rotary drum filters are designed to handle larger quantities of white water and remove larger solids. Dissolved Air Flotation, DAF, systems also handle larger quantities, but can remove much smaller particles. Strainers and filters are installed closer to the process. These remove smaller fines and supply processes which require very clean water, such as high pressure showers. This module will cover these devices in the order just listed.

White Water Clarification

Training Time: 23 minutes

White water clarification refers to the removal of fiber fines and other solids from paper or board machine white water. The clarified white water can then be reused for showers, stock dilution, and make down of certain chemicals. This module will list the purposes of white water clarification and describe the operation of disc filters, rotary drum filters, and DAF systems.

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The discs in a disc filter rotate in a vat that is filled to approximately the mid-point of the center shaft with a mixture of white water and sweetener fiber

Gravity strainers can be used to clarify white water

The DAF works by dissolving air into water under pressure, and then releasing the air-saturated water into a flotation tank at atmospheric pressure

Learning Objectives

  • List the purposes of white water clarification
  • Identify and describe the components of disc filters
  • Identify and describe the components of rotary drum filters
  • Identify and describe the components of DAF systems
  • Describe the operation of disc filters
  • Describe the operation of rotary drum filters
  • Describe the operation of DAF systems
  • Identify devices used to remove smaller solids from smaller water flows
  • Identify hazards and safety guidelines related to white water clarification equipment
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White Water Clarification FAQs

What are the benefits of white water clarification?
Clarification benefits include reduced water usage, sewer flows, energy costs, and raw material cost.

What types of equipment are used to clarify white water?
Disc filters, rotary drum filters, dissolved air flotation systems, filters, and strainers can all be used for white water clarification.

What is a saveall?
Saveall is another name for a disc or drum filter.

What does DAF mean?
DAF stands for Dissolved Air Flotation. It is a clarification process that removes suspended solids from water using air.

What are filters and strainers used for?
Filters and strainers are usually used for additional clarification of lower white water flows, such as shower water.

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