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Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Sample Transcript

Flooding edge showers may also be located near the flooded nip shower to continuously remove the trimmed edges from the wire. In the press section, a flooding shower is sometimes installed at the roll felt nip, just before the felt suction box. It helps flush contaminants from the felt and maintains a uniform water distribution in the felt.

Wet End Showers

Training Time: 24 minutes

Various types of showers are installed around the wet ends of paper and board machines to keep the fabrics and other surfaces clean and lubricated. Wet end shower systems should be monitored and maintained on a regular basis to ensure their optimal performance. This module will give you a better understanding of wet end showers and how they function in paper machines.

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The four basic types of wet end showers are flooding, lubricating, high pressure, and chemical

Lubricating showers are usually positioned at the ingoing nips between press felts and suction boxes

Flooding showers are directed into roll-fabric nips to force water through and flush out contaminants

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the main functions of wet end showers on a paper or board machine
  • Identify and describe the four basic types of wet end showers - flooding, lubrication, high pressure and chemical
  • Identify and describe additional shower types, including trim squirts, wet end tail cutter and roll flushing showers
  • Describe the purpose of shower oscillators, filters and strainers, shower brushes and purgeable nozzles
  • Identify important shower system inspections and monitoring points
  • Identify hazards and safety guidelines associated with wet end showers
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Wet End Showers FAQs

What is the purpose of the showers at the wet end of a paper machine?
Showers keep the wet end fabrics clean and open, provide lubrication between moving and stationary elements, and prevent stock buildup and deposits on surfaces

How much water should be used in a flooding shower?
For optimal results, the shower flow should exceed the void volume of the fabric, which can be provided to you by the fabric supplier.

Where are high pressure showers used on the wet end?
High pressure showers are typically installed on the wire run and on the sheet-contacting surface of each wet felt, and often on grooved and drilled roll covers.

Why are high pressure showers oscillated in the cross-machine direction?
To provide uniform coverage and prevent damage to the fabrics and roll covers.

When are flushing showers in suction rolls used?
High volume flushing showers are used to flush out the openings in suction roll shells when the sheet is off.

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