Webinar: Why Apply HPI? Improve Performance at Your Pulp, Paper, Tissue or Corrugated Business

Interest in Human Performance Improvement, or HPI, is growing in many industries, and that includes the pulp, paper, tissue, and corrugated manufacturing industries. In this webinar, we'll explain what HPI is and why you should consider implementing it, as well as give tips for how and how not to implement HPI at your organization based on real experiences from Joe Estey, a Human Performance Improvement Specialist who's helped many companies in these industries adopt HPI.

During this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • What HPI Is
  • 5 Principles of HPI
  • Human Error
  • Three Case Studies
  • Systems Thinking
  • Implementation Tips
  • Specific Tips for Pulp/Paper/Tissue/Corrugated
  • Common Implementation Mistakes
  • Where to Learn More

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About the presenters

Joe Etsey

Joe Estey has over 30 years of experience training and consulting first line workers, foremen, supervisors, department managers and executives in Human Performance Improvement, Conduct of Operations and leadership and management principles and practices. He works routinely with private and public organizations involved in forest management and paper production, nuclear and chemical manufacturing, food processing, building maintenance and groundskeeping, engineering and construction. A practitioner and promoter of life-long learning, he has been awarded three National Public Service Outreach Awards from the White House Leadership Executive Council from two Presidential administrations. His book, the Tomorrow Tapestry: Life Woven on the Fabric of Change (2003) was one of Publish America’s Best Selling business books in 2008 and is used in leadership and team dynamics training across the United States. His second book, The Recipe for Resilience is due out in December 2020.

Jeffrey Dalto

Jeff Dalto is a workplace learning & performance improvement professional who’s worked in that capacity with manufacturing & industrial customers for more than 20 years. Jeff has written extensively on human factors, human performance improvement and similar pursuits such as Safety Differently, Safety 2, Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), and Resilience Engineering.