Online Safety Training 101: How to Select the Right Solution for Your Company

Online Safety Training 101: How to Select the Right Solution for Your Company

Get all the information you need to evaluate courses, software, and providers to find the perfect fit for your organization's safety training needs.

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  • Wednesday, January 29th
  • 1pm EST | 10am PST
  • 45 Minutes + Questions
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About this webinar

We'll begin by explaining what online safety training is, including courses and learning management systems, then briefly explain benefits of using online safety training for both the company and general employees. From there, we'll discuss relevant safety training requirements by OSHA and recommendations from standards by ANSI/ASSP, including tips for using online safety training as part of a blended learning solution. Finally, we'll provide key criteria for evaluating courses, learning management systems (LMS), and online safety training providers and give you tips for conducting your search and finding the solutions that will work best for your organization.

You'll learn about:

  • What online safety training is
  • Relevant OSHA requirements & ASSP Z490.2 recommendations
  • Using online safety training in a "blended" learning solution
  • Criteria for selecting online safety training courses
  • Selecting learning management systems (LMS) for online safety training
  • Criteria for selecting online safety training providers
  • Actionable steps for conducting your online safety training search

About the Presenter
Jeffrey Dalto

Jeff Dalto is a learning & development specialist who has worked with safety professionals on safety & safety training for nearly 15 years. He is a member of the ANSI/ASSP Z490 committee and helped create the recent Z490.2 standard for online EHS training. Additionally, he's an OSHA-authorized 10- and 30-hour general industry trainer, frequently writes for the ASSP's Professional Safety Journal and other safety publications, speaks at regional and national conferences on safety and safety training issues (be sure to catch him speaking about Z490.2 and online EHS training at the upcoming ASSP Safety 2020), and writes the Convergence Training/Vector Solutions blog.