Comparing Online
Safety Training Solutions

How to Find the Best Fit for Your Company's Safety Training Needs

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  • 01:12 - About Convergence Training
  • 02:13 - Outline of the Webinar
  • 05:55 - What Is Online Safety Training?
  • 10:27 - Blended Learning
  • 13:04 - Why Choose Online Safety Training?
  • 23:24 - Evaluating Online Safety Training Solutions
  • 47:43 - Beginning Your Search
  • 51:32 - Closing & Questions

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About this webinar

Everything (or nearly everything) you need to know to get started on your search for an online safety training solution that matches your safety training needs at work.

We Cover:

  • What is online safety training?
  • Some reasons to consider online safety training
  • Evaluating online safety training courses
  • Evaluating online safety training management systems
  • Evaluating online safety training providers
  • Building your own internal search & evaluation team
  • Determining your company's safety training needs