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Coal is stored in large containers such as bunkers before being burned in a plant's boilers. Bunkers provide a coal handling system with extra flexibility. For example, most plants do not receive or reclaim coal around the clock. As long as there is coal in the bunkers though, the plant can keep running without having to get coal from the point of delivery or from the coal pile. Whenever there is an interruption or a breakdown in coal handling, having a supply of coal on hand in the bunkers allows the plant to continue operating while the problem is corrected. To ensure that the bunkers are filled with coal, plants need equipment designed for that purpose. In many plants, the equipment used to fill bunkers are machines called trippers.

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Training Time: 60 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop Only

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the function of bunkers and silos.
  • Identify the major parts of a tripper, and describe the basic function of each part.
  • Summarize how to inspect a tripper.
  • Explain how to adjust a tripper's belt scrapers.
  • Detail how to lubricate a tripper.
  • Outline how to start up a tripper.
  • Relate how to use a tripper to fill a bunker.
  • Demonstrate how to move a tripper from one bunker to another.
  • Identify conditions that should be monitored when a tripper is operating.
  • Describe how to shut down a tripper.
  • Illustrate how to remove stuck coal from a tripper's discharge chutes.
  • State problems that can result from a tripper belt running off center.
  • Recognize possible causes of a tripper belt running off center, and explain their solutions.
  • Describe how to respond to a loss of electric power to a tripper.
  • Identify how to inspect a bunker.
  • Summarize how coal can form obstructions in a bunker.
  • Name methods used to fight bunker fires.
  • List the methods used to check the level of coal in a bunker.
  • Explain the purpose of recording the weight of coal fed to a bunker.
  • Understand the purpose of taking samples of coal as it is being fed to a bunker.
  • State the reasons for keeping the tripper room clean.
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