The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes

SKU: RV-3307Duration: 180 Minutes

What Is The Difference Between A Marketing Campaign That Delivers Average Results, And One That Boosts Profits And Changes Your Bottom Line? (Hint: The keys to effective marketing are in this course). In this course, Rich Harshaw explains why his famous statement, "Everything You Know About Marketing Is Wrong" is so universally true, and what businesses can do to revamp their marketing strategies to achieve superior results.

Course Details


Training Time: 180 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop Only

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how to avoid the "Average Joe" mistake
  • Define the Educational Spectrum and it's role in the "Right Place - Wrong Time" mistake
  • Identify ways to use Accelerated Discontentment in marketing
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