Smart Quality: Process Improvement

SKU: ST-0190Duration: 30 Minutes

All work is a process - plain and simple. A process is a series of events, activities, decisions, or tasks that transform inputs into outputs. Processes can be very large, crossing many functions within your institution or organization; or small, existing within a department or unit. Smaller processes exist within the context of larger processes. It is imperative as you start that you are careful in what processes you select for improvement. This interactive online course discusses selecting, monitoring, and improving processes so you will be able to provide your products or services accurately and on time.

Course Details


Training Time: 30 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop Only

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Define process improvement
  • Identify process gaps and opportunities for process improvement
  • Identify customers and suppliers served by a particular process
  • Discuss ways to determine specific needs of customers and establish customer expectations
  • Explain how to analyze a process and implement solutions
  • Discuss how to measure and monitor the progress of a process
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