Rail Yard Operations

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Receiving and unloading coal are rail yard operations that are commonly performed by coal handlers. To help coal handlers develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely with rail yard equipment, this course covers basic rail yard equipment, including tracks, switches, coal cars, and locomotives. It also describes how the braking system on a coal car generally operates, emphasizes the safe working practices associated with mounting and dismounting coal cars, and covers effective communication among members of a rail yard crew.

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Training Time: 60 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop Only

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to Rail Yards
  • Describe the general function of the following equipment in a rail yard: tracks, switches, frogs, turnouts, coal cars, and locomotives.
  • List some of the jobs that coal handlers generally perform in a rail yard.
  • Tracks and Switches
  • Describe the parts of a track and describe how to inspect track components.
  • Describe the procedure for operating a switch.
  • Explain the functions of a spring switch and a derail.
  • Coal Cars
  • Describe the basic parts of a coal car.
  • Name the two types of brakes used on coal cars, and explain how they generally work.
  • Air Brakes
  • List the parts of a typical air brake system and describe their functions.
  • Describe how to safely couple and uncouple air brake hoses.
  • Trains and Locomotives
  • Describe what a coupler is and explain how coal cars are generally coupled and uncoupled.
  • Describe the basic parts of a locomotive.
  • Safety and Communication
  • Explain how to safely mount and dismount a coal car.
  • Describe ways that coal handlers communicate with each other in a rail yard.
  • Describe a procedure for isolating a damaged coal car.

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Sound did not work on the course. I tried reloading it 5 times and opened it on chrome. No sound ev

“Sound did not work on the course. I tried reloading it 5 times and opened it on chrome. No sound ever came through”

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