Pneumatics: Transmitters

SKU: RVI-11167Duration: 60 Minutes

Most pneumatic instruments have in common basic components and structures. And even though they may look different, their operation is often quite similar. In this interactive online course, we will cover the information needed to recognize the common components and structures of most pneumatic instruments and to understand how the common structures are related. We will cover types of pneumatic instruments, components, and mechanisms, self-balancing instruments, input mechanisms, error detector mechanisms, and output/balancing mechanisms.

Course Details


Training Time: 60 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop Only

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to:Describe basic categories of pneumatic instruments according to their function Identify some of the basic types of pneumatic instruments in each category Identify the essential mechanisms found in self-balancing instruments and describe their functions Identify various pneumatic instrument components and mechanisms Describe the function of input mechanisms, error detector mechanisms, and output/balancing mechanisms Describe the operation and function of levers and beams, and springs
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