Petroleum Refining Processes and Related Health and Safety Considerations

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The petroleum refining industry is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases among all manufacturing sectors in the US economy. Along with the environmental impacts of their operations, refiners face complex regulatory issues involving their products. The nature and chemistry of different major refinery products or by-products and their effects on human health and the surrounding environment makes it imperative for regulatory agencies like the EPA to impose heavy regulations on the petroleum refining industry in comparison to other industries in the US. It is important that the practitioners associated with the petroleum refining industry know about the operations in the refining process, the nature of the major products and by-products from the refining industry, the chemicals used in the process, and the overall impacts of the refining process and products on human health and safety to meet the ever increasing regulatory requirements of this industry. This course aims to fulfill these requirements by discussing the basic chemicals, processes, products and environmental impacts involved in refining petroleum.

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Training Time: 180 minutes

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Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • List the different state–of-the-art operating processes and available equipment used in the petroleum industryIdentify the nature and chemistry of different major refinery products and by-products in a refineryDiscuss the necessary safety actions required for different major refinery products and by-products, as well as maintenance activities for different equipment and operating processes, to reduce effects on human health and the surrounding environmentIdentify the different methods involved in hydrocarbon processing

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Too hard

“Questions at the end were hard to answer as out of order in course. As a geologist this course was way out of my needed level of expertise, more detail on chemistry then I needed. Much reiteration wasting time to go over health and safety and such for each individual process. Took me over 4.5 hours rather then 3.”

Carl P. Verified Customer




Ngolle S. Verified Customer


boring narration

“Boring narration.”

John T. Verified Customer


Should not be a "fundamental" course.

“Should not be a "fundamental" course.”

Thaddeus P. Verified Customer

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