Who needs part 46 training?

MSHA Part 46 requires training for New Miners, Newly Hired Experienced Miners, New Tasks, Site–Specific Hazards, and Annual Refreshers. It also defines specific topics and activities that must be completed for each type of training.


MSHA requires that both surface miners and mining contractors successfully complete equivalent training.

New Miner | 30 CFR Part 46.5

A person beginning work as a miner or an independent contractor performing work at a mine.

Newly Hired Experienced Miner | 30 CFR Part 46.6

A person who has completed 24 hours of New Miner training with at least 12 cumulative months of surface mining experience.

New Task | 30 CFR Part 46.7

Training for a miner who is reassigned to a new task in which miner has no previous work experience.

Annual Refresher | 30 CFR Part 46.8

Annual refresher training to be completed by miners who have previously completed the new miner or newly hired experienced miner training programs.

Site-Specific Hazards | 30 CFR Part 46.11

Information or instructions on hazards a person could be exposed to while at the mine, as well as applicable emergency procedures. To be completed by miners and non-miners, including office or staff personnel, delivery workers, commercial over-the-road truck drivers, construction workers, maintenance/service workers, customers, vendors, or visitors.

When do Miners and Mining Contractors Need to be Trained?

MSHA outlines different training time and deadline requirements for each category of training. For example, New Miners are required to complete four hours of training prior to starting work at the mine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MSHA Part 46?

The Mine Safety and Health Administration, MSHA, is a federal organization within the United States Department of Labor that provides government oversight of the country’s mining industry.

MSHA Part 46 is a section of Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations, 30 CFR, which defines health and safety rules and compliance requirements for non–metal and non–coal surface mines.

Mines that produce coal, metals, and other commodities through underground operations are governed by MSHA’s Part 48 regulations with significantly more rigid training and documentations requirements.

Does Convergence’s MSHA training satisfy MSHA’s Annual Refresher Requirements?

Absolutely! Even though our MSHA training is based on MSHA’s Part 46 required topics for New Miners, we’ve designed both the training material and the compliance documents to suit a range of user needs including Annual Refresher Training.

It’s critical for everyone to understand that surface miners and surface mine contractors are required to have all the same Annual Refresher training under Part 46. This includes:

Instruction on CHANGES AT THE MINE that could affect miners’ health or safety

Other health and safety subjects relevant to mining operations at the mine

So, once you’ve covered CHANGES AT THE MINE with your team, you can use any of MSHA Training topics to address other health and safety subjects relevant to your team’s work at the mine.

Where can I buy a product that meets all 24 hours of MSHA Part 46 Requirements?

While our MSHA Training courses provide over 8 hours of compliant training, no company sells a product that will satisfy MSHA’s 24 hour training requirement.

A MINE TOUR and INSTRUCTION ON THE RECOGNITION AND AVOIDANCE OF HAZARDS PRESENT AT THE MINE are required. If you’re a MINE CONTRACTOR, this means you should coordinate with the surface mines you’ll work with for mine-specific information, tours, and training.

What do I need to be compliant with MSHA Part 46?

You need paperwork that shows you’ve planned, executed, and documented the training MSHA requires. For specific personnel, it must meet the minimum time requirements within the specified time periods.

A Training Plan - formatted to comply with MSHA requirements

Training - that covers required MSHA Part 46 topics in the minimum time required

A Record of Training - either MSHA’s 5000-23 form or a document formatted to comply with MSHA requirements

What if I need training for multiple job sites or have a large number of employees?

Our Convergence LMS software can deliver training to multiple workstations at the same site, or online to a virtually unlimited number of users at an unlimited number of sites.

Users can work from any internet-enabled PC to connect, take training, and submit results to the online learning management system. Managers or administrators can connect and review progress, reports, or print MSHA required documents. Contact us for more information.

What if I am only on a mine site for limited time and always supervised? Do I need Part 46 training?

MSHA requires training for any person doing work, maintenance, or anything on a mine site for an extended period of time or on a frequent basis (more than five consecutive days or five days out of the year). Also, all mines have the right to require training even if MSHA doesn’t.

I’m a contractor. Do I need to have a training plan?

Yes! Per 30 CFR Part 46.2(e), if you are a person, partnership, corporation, subsidiary of a corporation, firm, association, or other organization that contracts to perform services at a shell dredging, sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, colloidal phosphate, or surface limestone mine, then you need Part 46 training and all the associated documentation.

You are considered a miner and must have a written training plan and have eight hours of annual refresher training.

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