Mobile On-The-Job
Training & Support Tools

Access digital maintenance manuals and video-based SOPs. Our mobile solutions deliver performance support when and where you need it. Instantly.

Instant Performance Support

Just-in-Time Training (JITT)

Use the tablet’s built-in barcode scanner to view a list of any training activity or reference material related to a machine or work area and then view that material. Get access to the training material you need when you need it most—on the job.

Choose Your Tablet

Our Convergence Mobile runs on Windows-based tablets. From rugged, shock-proof workhorses, to slim, lightweight portables, choose a tablet appropriate for your work environment.

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Digital OJT

In-the-Field OJT Skill Demonstrations and Approvals

Use Convergence Mobile to let a supervisor give credit to an employee for properly demonstrating skills, procedures, or knowledge in the field. Both the employee and the supervisor can check off each item if dual check-off is required, and both can digitally sign to confirm the training is complete.

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Safety Audits & Checklists

Build Custom Checklists

Create custom tasklists with Convergence Mobile. Do your rounds and check off any safety issues you see that you previously identified on your list.

Instant LMS Sync

Convergence Mobile syncs instantly with our Enterprise learning management system, automatically transferring data and providing an unbroken digital record of any audits or training performed while in offline mode.

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Convergence Mobile + Futura's ProCare

See how Futura used Convergence Mobile to offer enhanced training and instant performance support to their customers. Contact us to find out how we can help you build a similar solution for your customers or for your own employees.

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"This really brings in a new era for documentation, designed to make life simpler for the operator. Users can gain instant access to the most relevant information, right where they need it, with or without Internet connection."

- Alessandro Vianni, ProCare Manager, Futura

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