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Training Time: 13 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Phone

Based on: 29 CFR 1910.120

Languages: English

Unexpected releases of hazardous materials pose a significant risk to workers and the general public. There are many causes of unexpected releases, such as human errors, equipment failures, or even natural disasters. To protect workers who work with hazardous materials, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) created the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) standard (29 CFR 1910.120). This module provides an overview of the HAZWOPER standard, who it applies to, and its requirements.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the purpose of the Federal Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
  • List the operations covered by HAZWOPER
  • List the training requirements of HAZWOPER
  • List and describe the major emergency responder roles

Key Questions

The following key questions are answered in this module:

Who does HAZWOPER apply to?
The HAZWOPER standard applies to employees who work with hazardous waste and those who respond to emergency releases of hazardous substances.

What is an emergency response?
HAZWOPER defines an emergency response as any actions taken in response to an uncontrolled release of a hazardous substance, or where an uncontrolled release is likely.

Does the Federal HAZWOPER standard cover local and state government employees?
No. Some states have an OSHA-approved state plan that covers local and state government employees. In states that do not have an OSHA-approved plan, an identical EPA HAZWOPER standard applies.

What are the HAZWOPER initial training requirements?
All employees whose job duties could expose them to hazardous materials must receive a minimum of 40 hours of off-site instruction and at least three days of supervised field work.

What are the HAZWOPER refresher training requirements?
All employees and supervisors must receive eight hours of annual refresher training regardless of the number of hours required for initial training.

Sample Video Transcript

Below is a transcript of the video sample provided for this module:

The HAZWOPER standard lists the requirements for employers to protect employees who work with hazardous materials. The rules apply to those who work with hazardous waste or respond to emergency incidents involving hazardous materials.

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