Furnace Introduction

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Furnaces are an important source of heat for many industrial facilities. Furnaces, which can also be referred to as fired process heaters, are basically enclosed structures that produce heat by the combustion of fuels. This course will review the major components that make up furnaces, explain how combustion takes place inside a furnace, and identify the different flow paths inside a furnace.

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Training Time: 60 minutes

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Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • Fundamentals* Identify major parts of a furnace.* Identify major furnace systems.* Explain basically how a furnace produces heat.
  • Combustion* State the requirements for combustion.* Identify three types of heat transfer. * Describe how heat transfer occurs in a furnace.
  • Furnace Flow Paths* Define the term "draft."* Describe the basic operating principles of a natural draft furnace.* Explain how draft is controlled in a natural draft furnace.* Describe the basic operating principles of a forced draft furnace.* Describe the basic operating principles of a balanced draft furnace.* Explain how process fluid circulates in a furnace.* Identify problems associated with improper process fluid flow.

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“This course is really helping us as engineering to know more about the Furnace fundamentals and the basics of it. For more progress of the site, I think that you should give a clearer video diving deeper.”

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Good information.

“Good information.”

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