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Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Sample Transcript

The auto guide assembly includes a guide palm or guide paddle, to contact the front edge of the felt and monitor its position. One or two air bags or air diaphragms, to control the position of the auto guide roll end, and a bleed air valve to control the supply air flow to one of the air bags. The air bag that is affected by the bleed air valve expands or contracts to move the auto guide roll and with or against the direction of felt travel. A second airbag or a spring is set up to provide a constant positioning force opposite the first airbag.

Felt Tensioning and Guiding

Training Time: 15 minutes

The felt guiding system is responsible for keeping the press felt centered on the rolls in its felt run. The felt tensioning system is responsible for maintaining a constant, uniform tension in the felt. This module will provide you with a better understanding of how felt tensioning and guiding systems are operated and their value to an effective wet pressing operation.

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A typical felt guiding system consists of a guide roll with an autoguide assembly on one end and a compressed air supply

If the felt moves toward the front or back of the machine, the movement of the guide palm opens or closes the bleed air valve

Felt stretch rolls are normally wormed rolls to help keep the felt stretched out to the edges

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the purpose of felt guiding
  • Explain the principles of felt guiding
  • Identify and describe the main components of a felt guiding system
  • Explain why felt tension is important
  • Identify and describe the equipment used for felt tensioning
  • Explain how felt stretchers can be used to straighten the seam
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Felt Tensioning and Guiding FAQs

Why is it important for press felts to be centered on the machine?
To completely cover the sheet width to ensure uniform water removal in the press nips. Also, to keep the felts from running off the front or back of the machine.

What is the basic principle of fabric guiding?
The basic principle of fabric guiding is that the felt moves or "steers" toward the roll end that it contacts first.

By what mechanism does the movement of the guide palm cause the autoguide to move?
The guide palm movement closes or opens a bleed air valve, which increases or decreases the air supply pressure to an air bag which moves the autoguide end of the guide roll.

What is the purpose of the hand guide or manual guide?
Its purpose is to keep the autoguide end centered in its travel. This ensures that the autoguide always has some adjustment available in both directions.

What is the recommended roll wrap (in degrees) for a felt guide roll?
Guide rolls need to have a roll wrap of 25 to 35 degrees to ensure sufficient friction for the roll to move the felt.

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