Equipment Maintenance and Reliability

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Course Details


Training Time: 18 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Phone

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, Polish, Russian

In industrial facilities, it is extremely important that the equipment runs smoothly and reliably. If proper maintenance is not done regularly, it can cost a company thousands of dollars, and potentially compromise the safety of its workers. This course answers the questions: What is equipment maintenance? Why is it so important? and what are the benefits of maintaining equipment? It also covers some safety and work guidelines related to performing equipment maintenance.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • List examples of equipment maintenance in a production facility
  • List the three main areas affected by equipment maintenance
  • Describe how proper maintenance improves reliability, quality, and safety
  • Describe the costs of equipment problems
  • State the importance of scheduling maintenance
  • Explain why it is important to document maintenance
  • Identify general maintenance best practices and safety guidelines

Key Questions

The following key questions are answered in this module:

Why is it important to maintain equipment?
Maintaining equipment helps ensure that it will perform normally, and is less likely to have more serious problems later on.

What are examples of equipment maintenance in a production facility?
Examples of equipment maintenance in a production facility include: cleaning, lubrication, replacing parts, making adjustments to parts, and inspections.

If equipment isn't properly maintained, what are some problems that may occur?
If equipment doesn't receive proper maintenance, some problems that may occur include: operating at a lower speed or capacity, producing products with inconsistent quality or defects, and becoming dangerous to equipment operators.

Why would it be expensive to have a piece of equipment that wasn't properly maintained?
One cost is the maintenance work itself, which can include replacement machine parts and payment to specialized maintenance workers, as well as any money lost due to the company not being able to make and sell products while the equipment is down.

How does maintenance improve product quality?
Proper equipment maintenance helps ensure that the production process creates products with a consistent quality and with minimal defects.

Sample Video Transcript

Below is a transcript of the video sample provided for this module:

Equipment maintenance refers to the work done to either repair an equipment problem, prevent the equipment from wearing down, or to make the equipment run better. Examples of equipment maintenance in a production facility include cleaning, lubrication, replacing parts, making adjustments to parts, and inspections. This maintenance helps ensure that equipment performs normally and is less likely to have more serious problems later.

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