Dust Control

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Dust control is an important part of coal handling operations. This course looks at where coal dust is produced, how it can spread, and how it can be kept from spreading. Specific attention is directed to equipment and techniques that are commonly used to control dust in coal handling systems.

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Training Time: 60 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop Only

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to Dust Control
  • Describe several ways in which coal dust is produced and spread.
  • Explain why coal dust must be controlled. List several ways of controlling coal dust.
  • Dust Suppression and Containment
  • Define the term dust suppression.
  • Describe ways that dust is suppressed while it is being transported in a coal handling system.
  • Describe dust suppression methods used on a coal pile.
  • Define the term dust containment.
  • Describe several methods used for containing coal dust.
  • Dust Collection, Cleanup, and Reclamation
  • List several methods of dust collection.
  • Explain how a baghouse separates dust from air.
  • Explain how a cyclone separates dust from air.
  • Describe methods used to clean up coal dust indoors.
  • Describe types of vacuum devices used to clean up coal dust outside.
  • Explain why coal dust should be reclaimed.
  • State the reason for treating coal dust before returning it to the coal handling system.
  • Explain how a pin mixer converts coal dust to granules or pellets.
  • Explain how a briquetter converts coal dust to solid lumps.
  • Explain how a pug mill converts coal dust to a thick sludge.
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