Dust Control Equipment, Part 2

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Dust from coal handling operations must be controlled to protect personal health, equipment, and the environment. There are many different types of equipment used to control coal dust, and operating it may be part of a coal yard worker’s job. Dust control equipment is classified into two main groups: equipment used to control dust inside buildings and equipment used to control dust outside in the coal yard. This course focuses on the equipment used in the coal yard.

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Training Time: 60 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop Only

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • Spray Vehicles
  • Identify the main components and systems found on a spray vehicle, such as a water wagon.
  • Describe several important pre-start checks on a spray vehicle.
  • Outline the startup procedure for a diesel-powered spray vehicle.
  • Explain how to fill a spray vehicle from a hydrant and from an automatic mixing facility.
  • List three general types of environmentally friendly chemicals sprayed on coal piles and explain what they do. State safety rules to follow when driving a spray vehicle on the pile.
  • Discuss the minor maintenance procedures that an operator might have to perform on a spray vehicle.
  • Vacuum Loaders
  • Describe airflow through a typical vacuum loader.
  • Explain how cyclone collectors and filter bags capture dust particles and how filter bags are cleaned.
  • Outline the typical startup sequence for an electric-powered vacuum loader, including pre-start checks.
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Explain how air and dust flow through the vacuum system of a typical vacuum truck.
  • Identify the major components of the vacuum truck’s hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Explain how to check and start up a typical vacuum truck.
  • Discuss the process of wetting dust down inside a vacuum truck hopper without clogging filter bags.
  • Describe how to change filter bags in a typical vacuum truck.
  • Explain how to perform minor maintenance on a vacuum truck.
  • Street Sweepers
  • Outline the flow path of air and dust through a street sweeper.
  • Describe how a street sweeper collects dust and separates it from air.
  • Identify one function of the hydraulic system in a typical street sweeper and one function of the pneumatic system.
  • Explain how to operate and perform minor maintenance on a street sweeper.
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