DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing for Drivers

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Training Time: 33 minutes

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Based on: 49 CFR Part 40

Languages: English

Employees of DOT-regulated employers who perform or could perform tasks that have been defined as "safety-sensitive" are subject to drug and alcohol testing. This includes over 12 million workers employed as airline pilots, bus drivers, commercial truck drivers, crew members on cargo ships, train engineers, and many others. Employers are required to implement a Drug and Alcohol Program and provide clear explanations of company policies and DOT testing regulations. They must also employ a Designated Employee Representative (DER) to administer the program, receive test results, remove employees from safety-sensitive duties when required, and answer questions about the program and testing process.

Learning Objectives

  • State the purpose of DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations
  • Describe who is subject to DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations
  • Identify the components of a DOT-compliant Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Discuss DOT alcohol limits and testing procedures
  • Discuss DOT drug specimen collection and testing procedures
  • Describe the qualifications for and consequences of a "refusal to test"
  • Describe the six different types of DOT-mandated drug and alcohol testing
  • Describe the roles of Designated Employee Representatives, Medical Review Officers, and Substance Abuse Professionals

Key Questions

The following key questions are answered in this module:

Who is subject to DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations?
Transportation employees of DOT-regulated employers who perform, or who might need to perform, tasks that have been defined by the DOT as "safety-sensitive" are subject to drug and alcohol testing.

Why do DOT regulations address the "misuse" of alcohol and the "use" of drugs?
Because alcohol consumption is legal in the U.S., while the use of the five DOT-regulated drugs is not.

For which illegal drugs does the DOT test?
Marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates (or opioids), and phencyclidine (PCP)

Under what circumstances are DOT drug and alcohol tests administered?
Safety-sensitive transportation employees are subject to testing in several situations: Pre-Employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion, Post-Accident, Return-to-Duty, and Follow-Up.

Can an employee who has tested positive for illegal drugs return to their job?
If their employer allows it, and if the employee completes the prescribed program, passes a Return-to-Duty test, and undergoes Follow-up testing, they may return to safety-sensitive duties.

Sample Video Transcript

Below is a transcript of the video sample provided for this module:

Once an employee has been notified to submit for an alcohol test, they must: 1. Proceed immediately to the testing site. This means that once notified, all of the employee's actions must lead directly to their being tested. 2. Sign Step #2 on the DOT's Alcohol Testing Form (ATF). 3. Undergo a screening test and receive the result. The screening test can analyze the employee's breath or saliva. The test area must protect the employee's privacy and prevent unauthorized persons from viewing or hearing the test result. If the screening test result shows a blood alcohol concentration below 0.02, no further action is required. The technician documents the test result on the ATF and give copies of the form to the employee and the employer.

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