Distillation: Basic Principles

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Many of the products we use every day are produced from raw materials. Distillation is a process often used to turn raw materials into finished products. Because distillation is involved in the production of so many products, it’s important plant operators understand how it works. In this interactive, online course we will begin by discussing the basic principles of distillation. We will define terms related to states of matter, heat and temperature, distillation, and pressure. We will also discuss some basic distillation processes, including separation of liquid mixtures, batch processes, and continuous distillation.

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Training Time: 30 minutes

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Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Define distillation Explain how changes in the state of matter relate to the distillation process Define terms related to heat, including sensible heat, initial boiling point, boiling range, final boiling point, and latent heat Define terms related to pressure, including vapor pressure, external pressure, partial pressure, relative volatility Explain the relationship between vapor pressure and the following: boiling point, temperature, and external pressure Describe the basic operation of batch process systems and continuous distillation systems

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Eric W. Verified Customer


Very Informative

“Very Informative.”

Jesse H. Verified Customer


good course

“good course”

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The course should use Fahrenheit and Celsius. The rest of the world (non US) uses Celsius. The cont

“The course should use Fahrenheit and Celsius. The rest of the world (non US) uses Celsius. The continuous distillation example could be made to sink in better if it included a real world example of a plant process. Otherwise, the course was very good.”

Shane M. Verified Customer


Great Course!

“Great Course!”

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Great review of the basics of distillation.

“Great review of the basics of distillation.”

Steven H. Verified Customer

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