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IPCed offers world-class training solutions in a challenging, highly regulated industry.

Turn-Key Solution for Delivering Custom-Branded Training

The Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) provides caregiver training and compliance solutions that help home care agency workers, assisted living, and governmental agencies meet state trainer requirements and learn to deliver care with a compassionate heart.

With their online business expanding rapidly, IPCed looked to Convergence to provide a robust platform that could support their growing customer base, which currently consists of more than 1,500 employer organizations delivering training to over 90,000 individual caregivers.

Company: Institute for Pro. Care Education

Industry: Healthcare Education

Region: National

Users: 90,000+

Solutions: Custom Training

Website: www.ipced.com

An “Off-the-shelf” Solution

Prior to teaming up with Convergence, IPCed had developed an LMS based on the free Moodle platform. As they soon learned, supporting and developing the “free” system was actually quite expensive.

IPCed Director of Technology and Marketing, Chris Chong, explains that while their customers frequently requested useful new features, IPCed lacked the internal resources to develop them. In switching to the Convergence Customer Campus, IPCed gained a system that provided nearly all of the functionality that they and their customers desired, right out of the box.

“The Customer Campus platform was really robust right out of the gate,” says Chong, “Which was good because we weren’t looking to do a whole lot of customization. Now that we don’t have to worry about developing our own system, we’re better able to service our customers and provide them with the tools they need.”

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A Truly Custom Training Experience

Those tools are focused around offering each of IPCed’s 1,500 customers the power to provide custom training programs to their unique user bases.

Customer Campus provides IPCed with a “white-label” training platform, which they can use to quickly create online training portals for each of their customers, customized with their respective logos and branding. Additionally, IPCed provides their customers with full administrative access to their portal, giving them the freedom to develop their training programs as they see fit.

“We actually grant our managers, or employers, the ability to add or remove users, assign training… everything. We offer an online campus with a library of resources that we make available to them. And they take our recommendations on what courses to use or they can pick from our library courses that most suit their needs, or they can develop and upload their own training into their Campus. It’s very flexible.”

HR Information System Integration

Another key feature of the Convergence platform was the system’s ability to sync with IPCed’s customer’s HR systems via the Convergence API.

The API allows IPCed’s more sophisticated and larger customers to directly integrate their HR systems into the Convergence Learning Management System. It’s a big deal for a these larger providers, many of whom are adopting different business management software, EHS, and HR software in an effort to be organized and have all their data in one place.

Easy to Use & Understand

For IPCed, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of moving to the Convergence Customer Campus platform has been the massive improvement in usability.

“One thing I noticed when we started using Convergence versus Moodle is that the system just demos a lot easier,” says Chong. “It’s intuitive, it makes sense, it’s easy to demo to customers... we saw a big increase in sales just because it looked fantastic and was easy to use.”

Chong says that the Convergence system is definitely easier for the end users and their managers to use as well.

“Our end users are not in front of computers all day,” Chong says. “They’re out being hands on with the seniors and providing outstanding care. They’re not office workers. So, making it easy for them is a big win.”

The Customer Campus platform was really robust right out of the gate. Now that we don’t have to worry about developing our own system, we’re better able to service our customers and provide them with the tools they need.

-Chris Chong, IPCed Director of Technology and Marketing

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