Customer Profile

  • Industry: Industrial Automation
  • Region: Europe, United States
  • Employees: 700+
  • Solutions: Custom Training, Customer Campus LMS

"We selected Convergence to build our training because we share similar viewpoints with regard to the importance of safety and high-quality training. I think our customers will be very impressed with what we deliver".

- James Campbell, Training Manager

Elettric 80 is a manufacturing company specializing in automated material handling solutions for the consumer products industry. Their Robotic Palletizers, Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs), High Density Warehousing solutions and High Speed Stretch Wrappers help companies reduce cost and move product out of their plants as fast as possible. Now approaching their 35th anniversary, the Viano, Italy, based company is continuing to expand their product offerings and the scope of their company.

Introducing the Elettric 80 Training Library

In pursuit of their goal to fully automate material handling in manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers across the globe, Elettric 80 sought to offer stronger training materials and services for their sophisticated solutions. E80 approached us because of our extensive background in manufacturing training design, and because our Customer Campus training platform allowed them to get their content to customers across the globe.

Custom Training Development

Our first order of business was to focus on the development of a custom training library that covered safe operation of Elettric 80's solutions. We worked together to identify logical and easily digestible blocks of content and set about developing the courses with our signature blend of 3D models and motion graphics.

Getting the Training to Customers

Our early conversations with Elettric 80 revealed that finding a solution for delivering their training was just as important as having the custom content produced in the first place. It was clear from early on that our Customer Campus training platform was going to be the perfect solution for them, as it provided a flexible and customizable method for getting the new training to their customers.

Convergence Customer Campus allows companies to deliver web-based training via a custom-branded learning management system. In Elettric 80's case, they applied their logos and design to make it their own. Branded as the Elettric 80 Training System, this Customer Campus setup allows Elettric 80 to set up distinct web-based training programs for each one of their customers.

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