Carpentry Basics: Tools and PPE

SKU: RVI-11473Duration: 20 Minutes

Hand and power tools must be used properly and maintained at all times. Tools that may have been damaged or do not work properly can be dangerous to use. The tools need to be clean, dry and well-maintained. This course will explain the different types of hand and power tools used in general repair situations and the proper care and use of them to promote safe practices within your facility.

Course Details


Training Time: 20 minutes

Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Phone

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Languages: English

Learning Objectives

  • Identify proper PPE to don, given various situations
  • Identify the appropriate tools to use in a given situation
  • Read and use a tape measure for various functions
  • Recall basic calculations for measurements
  • Demonstrate safe and proper operation and maintenance of carpentry tools

Key Questions

The following key questions are answered in this module:

What type of hammer should be used to pull nails out of wood?
Claw hammers have a steel head and a wood, fiberglass, or steel handle and a curved claw that can be used to pull nails out of wood.

What are the most common types of screwdrivers?
The most common types of screwdrivers are slotted, Phillips, clutch, Torx, allen, and Robertson.

When should the cat's paw be used?
The cat's paw should be used to pull nails that have driven flush with the surface of the wood or slightly below it.

What are the main differences between the types of saws?
The main differences between types of saws are the shape, number and pitch of the teeth.

When are wrenches used?
Wrenches are used to hold and turn screws, nuts, bolts and pipes.

Sample Video Transcript

Below is a transcript of the video sample provided for this module:

Chisels are used to cut and shape wood, stone and metal materials. A chisel is a metal tool that is sharpened and beveled with a sloped edge. The wood chisel is to make openings or notches in wooden type materials. When using a chisel, you will make an outline of what is needed to be removed in the wood material and then strike the chisel head lightly with a mallet. A cold chisel is used for cutting metal materials. It can be used to cut rivets, nuts, and bolts made of brass, bronze, copper or iron. You place the blade of the chisel at the spot to be cut, and then hit the chisel handle with a ball peen hammer. A punch is used to indent metal from an impact using a hammer before you need to drill a hole, drive pins, or to align holes in two parts that need mating. There are three common types of punches, they are the: • center punch, • prick punch, and • straight punch The center and prick punches are used to make small locating holes in the material for drilling holes or laying out the material. The straight punch is used to punch hole in thins sheets of metal.
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