Dog Days of Summer Heat: How to Avoid Heat Stress

Heat Stress Image

Summer Is Heat Stress Season

Well, it’s summer again and we should be thinking about heat stress to make sure workers don’t overheat this year. Heat stress is a risk for people working outdoors but also for those working inside.

What Is Heat Stress?

So what is heat stress? When the body can’t cool itself by sweating, a range of heat-related issues can occur, including heat rashes, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke (which is the most dangerous). These are collectively known as heat stress.

Heat Stress Training Materials

We’ve got a bunch of materials that should help you train your workers on heat stress, so let’s get to listing them below.


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Using Visuals In Training Materials to Reduce Complexity

Today’s workers have to learn many complex things. The visuals in your training materials can help level the odds and make it easier to learn all those complexities.

Want to know more? Check out the post we just wrote at OpenSesame’s blog.

The post gives some great tips for using visuals this way. Plus, it includes some cool examples from the Convergence Training retail training course libraries. Brilliant!

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Graphics for Training Example: Using Maps

Recently, we’ve been writing a series of posts about using visuals to improve the effectiveness of your training materials. You can check out articles about organizing visuals to aid perception, directing the learner’s eyes, reducing realism, and making abstract concepts more concrete. There are two more to come in this series, and then we’ll be creating something that summarizes them all in one handy guide–so wait for that.

That post on making the abstract more concretes lists several techniques for doing just that. One of those is using maps and mapping concepts within your training visuals. We saw a really great and fun example of that in a New York Times visual called “Up Close on Baseball’s Borders,” which uses colored regions on a map to show where the fans of different major league baseball teams live. Seeing this information laid out on a map is a great example of how effective this technique is. Just imagine trying to digest this same information if it were presented in numbers within in a table.


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Tornado Safety Tips for the Workplace: How to Be Prepared

Tornado Safety Tips image

It’s tornado season once again. And each year around this time, we get a sobering reminder of how powerful, destructive, and deadly tornadoes can be.

To help you prepare, we’ve pulled together a bunch of tornado-related resources for you in this article. From a safety-perspective, this may well be one of the better tornado-related articles you’ll read this year.

But to top it off, we’ve thrown in some more tornado-related information, including videos of the largest tornado ever filmed, a classic movie clip featuring a famous tornado, and an interesting factoid about tornadoes and the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Aaron Presley.

Dive on in if we’ve piqued your curiosity.

If this article on tornadoes seems too serious for you, check our alternate humorous article on Sharknado Safety Training (or just keep that in mind for later).


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6 Must-Have LMS Features That Make Workforce Training a Breeze

Must Have LMS Features Image

If you’re currently using, or considering using a learning management system to help deliver and administer your workforce training, you’ve probably come across applications so stuffed full of features that you can’t possibly imagine using them all. In this post we’ll cut out all the fluff and focus on the six LMS features we feel are essential for effective workforce training.

If you’re looking for a system that will actually save you time and help you do your job better, make sure it’s capable of performing the following functions.


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Convergence Paper Training Catalog Continues to Grow

The new courses just keep on coming. We’re in the middle of a year-long push to produce over 200 new paper manufacturing training courses. We’re releasing about 50 new courses each quarter until the end of 2014. The first 50 courses, which include our new Introduction to Paper and Board Machines, Recausticizing Fundamentals, and Continuous Cooking Introduction courses, are available now and provide expert instruction on many complex paper manufacturing processes.


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Free Online Lockout Tagout Resources: Word Game, FAQs, Course Samples, and More

online lockout tagout training course image

Every year, OSHA puts out a lot of the 10 standards that are most frequently cited. Here’s a list of OSHA’s Top Ten in 2016. Lockout-Tagout/Hazard Energy Control is on that 2016 list, and so we’ve got some online lockout tagout training resources for you here–plus more.

Many of the same standards appear on the list again and again, year after year. As a result, we’ve pulled together a series of blogs to help you train your workers about each of the ten most cited standards. In this one, as we said, we’ve got lots of information about lockout tagout, and lots of online lockout tagout training materials for you.

Let us know if you’ve got some other resources you’d suggest. The comments field awaits your input.

Before you dig into the information about lockout tagout and hazardous energy control below, feel free to check out our short sample video that demonstrates a few highlights of our online safety and health courses.


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Using Visuals in Training to Make Abstract Concepts More Concrete

Today’s workers have to learn many abstract concepts. And trainers struggle to find the best way to facilitate that learning.

One way to aid learners is to use visuals that represent abstract concepts in a more concrete manner. We just wrote a post on the blog at OpenSesame that gives a bunch of tips on how to do just that. Here’s where to go to check it out.

The post gives some great tips for using visuals to help your employees learn more during their trainings–and who doesn’t want that? Plus, it includes some cool examples from the Convergence Training retail training course libraries. Nice!

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No Heartache Over Heartbleed at Convergence Training; Your Training Data is Secure


By now, you’ve no doubt heart of the Heartbleed bug that has affected many sites on the Internet. And if you’re a customer of Convergence Training, using one of our cloud-based LMSs, perhaps you’ve wondered if your training data was secure.

The short answer is, everything’s A-OK. We use a different solution that isn’t vulnerable to Heartbleed. So rest assured that your secure data is still secure with Convergence Training.

As for other sites you may visit, you can use this handy tool to determine if they’re vulnerable to Heartbleed.

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Post about Visuals and Effective Training Materials at Open Sesame’s Blog

We just wrote a post about visuals for effective training that appears on the blog of our friends at OpenSesame.

The post gives some great tips for using visuals to help your employees learn more during their trainings–and who doesn’t want that? This time, we focus on the importance of reducing realism in training visuals. Plus, it includes some cool examples from the Convergence Training retail training course libraries. What’s not to like? Go check it out!

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Is an LMS Only Good for Online Learning Courses? Quick Answer: Nope.

Is an LMS Only Good for Online Training Image

People who are new to learning management systems (LMSs) sometimes assume that an LMS can only be used to deliver, track, and report on online training. You know, things like computer-based training courses–or maybe you call them CTBs, online courses, or e-learning courses.

But that’s not true. At least it’s not true with the Convergence LMS.

We believe that the best training programs take advantage of a blended learning solution that incorporates different types of training: instructor-led training, OJT task-based training, written policies, procedures, documents, social learning, self-guided learning, and more. Which is why we’ve incorporated many different training formats within our various LMSs.

For a little more information, read on.


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