Yankee Dryer Course Series Now Available

As part of our new Tissue/Paper retail course offerings, we’re excited to announce that a series of new courses focused on the Yankee Dryer are now available. The new courses are listed below.

Yankee Dryer Design and Construction

The Yankee dryer is a large, steam-heated, pressure vessel that is used in the production of tissue grades. Two critical operations occur at the Yankee – the sheet is dried to its final moisture target, and it is creped to add bulk, stretch, and softness to the sheet. The design and construction of Yankee dryers has evolved over time to optimize these two operations and also provide a safe work environment for the people who work around them. This course describes the major external and internal components of a Yankee dryer installed on a tissue machine, and the purpose or function of each component.

Yankee Dryer Dry Creping Basics

The Yankee dryer is a large, steam-heated, pressure vessel that is used in the production of tissue grades. After the tissue sheet is dried by the Yankee dryer and Yankee hoods to its final moisture target, it is creped and removed from the Yankee by the creping doctor. The “dry creping” process is responsible for the bulk, stretch, and softness that are desirable in tissue grades. This course describes what happens to the sheet during dry creping, factors that influence dry creping results, the design and operation of the creping blade, and blade angles and sheet angles associated with the creping blade.

Yankee Steam and Condensate Systems

This course describes the steam distribution and condensate removal equipment found in a Yankee dryer. It discusses how the steam pressure inside the dryer is controlled, how thermocompressors operate, and two common methods used to control the flows of steam and condensate through a Yankee dryer.

Yankee Dryer Coating

This course discusses the purpose of the Yankee dryer coating, and describes how the coating affects the drying and creping processes on the Yankee dryer. It also covers the history of Yankee coating, Yankee coating theory, the purpose and delivery of the coating ingredients (adhesives, release agents, and modifiers), and the set up of the Yankee sprayboom and glue box.

Yankee Dryer Safety

This course covers some general safety guidelines for working on or around a Yankee dryer. It describes the importance and purpose of following approved warm up and cool down procedures, doctor blade safety guidelines, steam pressure limits and relief valves, shell thickness considerations, and the influence of thermal spray coatings. It ends with discussions on the importance of regular maintenance, inspections, repairs and alterations, and detailed record keeping.

Yankee Dryer Hoods and Air Systems

This course describes the equipment and processes responsible for supplying dry, heated air to, and removing humid exhaust air, from the Yankee hoods on a typical, modern Yankee dryer. Using a two-hood setup as a basis, it describes the equipment used to supply, recirculate, and exhaust the air in the hood air system. Gas burner operations, cross-machine moisture profiling, heat recovery equipment, and hood balancing are also covered.

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Respiratory Protection Glossary (1910.134)


Respiratory protection is always on OSHA’s Top Ten list. Last year, it was #4 on OSHA’s Top Ten List, 2015.

Because of that, we’ve created the little interactive glossary below of terms from respiratory protection. Feel free to check it out.

Convergence Training is a training solutions provider with a strong EHS offering. Check out our learning management systems (LMSs), EHS e-learning courses, or contact us to learn more and set up a demo.

You may also want to download our free Guide to Effective EHS Training.


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Ladders Glossary (1926.1053)


Question: Has Convergence Training created a free, downloadable, interactive ladders glossary including all of the terms and definitions in OSHA’s Ladder Standard?

Answer: You know we did! That’s it, right below. You can check it out now, bookmark it and come back later, or download a free copy to your own computer (just click the red “Download” button). Once you have a copy, you can save it to your desktop or network, put it on your Safety Home Page, email it to friends and coworkers, or even put it in your learning management system (LMS) and assign it.

A few important notes: The terms and definitions were taken directly from the text of the standard as printed on OSHA’s website in October, 2012. Convergence Training makes no claims regarding the accuracy of those definitions, or to keep this glossary up to date to match any changes OSHA makes after the date of this posting.

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Free Portable Ladder Safety Checklists

Here’s yet another freebie for people interested in safety from your friends at Convergence Training.

Below is a portable ladder safety checklist that you can download for free.

The checklist is based on a portable ladders for construction checklist created by NIOSH, which is itself based on OSHA regulations. We took the information in the checklist and made some minor changes to make up for some formatting issues and make it a little easier to use.

The download is entirely free, and we hope it helps you create a safer workplace.

Happy laddering, as they say! (Or at least they should say that.)

We’ve got more free downloadable checklists on other topics here.


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Violence In the Workplace Course Now Available

The second of the two courses we’re releasing this week is Violence in the Workplace.

Every year in the U.S., there are an estimated 2 million reported cases of workplace violence. NIOSH defines workplace violence as any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, or intimidation that occurs in the workplace. It can be instigated by criminals, customers, co-workers, or someone you have a personal relationship with. This course will raise awareness of the consequences of workplace violence and describe how to recognize warning signs so you and your coworkers can avoid these dangerous situations.

Like all our courses, Violence in the Workplace is SCORM-compliant so you can use it in a learning management system (LMS). It features engaging animation including 3D visuals and an audio narration, unscored practice questions, and a scored test at the end to assess learner comprehension. And it rocks!

Want to judge for yourself? Check the sample below. Want to get a copy for your workplace? You’ll want to click right here.

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Machine Guarding Glossary (1910.212)


To satisfy your insatiable curiosity, we created an interactive glossary of terms from OSHA’s Machine Guarding Standard (1910.212).

That’s it, right below. You can check it out now, and/or you can bookmark this page and come back whenever you’re curious. Hope you enjoy this.

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And feel free to download this free Guide to Effective EHS Training, too.

And hey, since you’re here, why not download this free Guide to Effective EHS Training?


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5S Methodology Course Now Available

Our busy production department has readied two new courses that are now available. The first is 5S Methodologies.

Is your workplace a mess? Tired of spending hours searching for the right tool? Our new 5S Methodologies course will teach you about the 5S methodology, which focuses on organizing and standardizing the workplace to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Its five principles–sorting, straightening, sweeping, standardizing and sustaining–will make you and your co-workers better prepared to accomplish all of your tasks while being safer and more efficient in the process.

Like all our courses, 5S Methodologies is SCORM-compliant so you can use it in a learning management system (LMS). It features engaging animation including 3D visuals and an audio narration, unscored practice questions, and a scored test at the end to assess learner comprehension. And like our other training courses, you’re going to like it!

Want to take a peek? Check the sample immediately below. Want to get a copy? Right this way.

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Powered Industrial Trucks Interactive Glossary (1910.178)


Every year, OSHA creates a list of the ten most commonly cited standard violations. Here’s the most recent list–OSHA’s Top Ten for 2015.

Because the same standards typically appear year after year, we make a lot of resources available to our readers for each of those standards. That includes free downloadable safety word games, blog posts chock full of informational and training resources, and interactive glossaries about the terms defined in the standard.

And that’s what we’ve got for you in this article–an interactive glossary of terms defined in OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) standard, 1910.178.

Just click the MORE button below to check it out.


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Essential Steps on the Way to Teaching Something: Robert Gagne’s “Nine Events of Instruction”

Have you heard the Miles Davis song “Seven Steps to Heaven?”

Well, this post isn’t about that song. Although it’s a great tune, to be sure. You’ve got to love that bass playing by Ron Carter and you can tell that this band was on its way to being Miles’ next great quintet.

Why mention the song, then? To make a comparison between the song title and the real topic of this post, of course. The title of Davis’ tune alludes to two things. The first is a sequential, orderly process—the seven steps. And the second is the desired end place—heaven.

There’s something similar in instruction (or training), too. It’s called the Nine Events of Instruction, and it’s based on a theory by instructional designer Robert Gagne.

Just like the Davis song title, Gagne’s theory also suggests a sequential, orderly process–the nine steps. And it leads to a desired end place–effective instruction/training. If you’re in the world of instructional design, training, or human performance improvement, effective training is the desired end place you’re interested in. So we don’t have to tell you why you’d want to know what those nine events are.

Convergence Training is a training solutions provider. We make many libraries of e-learning courses, several different learning management systems (LMSs), mobile apps for m-Learning and performance support, and more. Contact us for more information or to set up a demo.

Also feel free to download our free Guide to Writing Learning Objectives and our free Guide to Effective Manufacturing Training.


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Powered Industrial Truck Checklists for Safety and Operations

Here are some powered industrial truck checklists you can download for free–nice! (We’ve got more free downloadable checklists on other topics here.)

We’ve got two series of checklists for you. And each series includes two actual checklists.

There’s one series of PITs with internal combustion engines (gas, LPG, and diesel), and there’s another series for electric-powered PITs.

So all told, you’ll get a single ZIP folder with four checklists–two for electric PITs, and two for internal combustion PITs.

And here’s what they are:

Internal Combustion Powered Industrial Truck Checklists:

  • Daily checklist–record of fuel added
  • Safety and operational checklists–engine “off” checks and engine “on” checks (performed before each shift)

Electric Powered Industrial Truck Checklists:

  • Daily checklist–record of fluid added
  • Safety and operational checklists–engine “off” checks and engine “on” checks (performed before each shift)

Each of the checklists comes in the handy .PDF format.


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Lockout/Tagout Glossary (Control of Hazardous Energy 1910.147)

OSHA’s lockout/tagout standard (Control of Hazardous Energy, 1910.147) consistently appears on OSHA’s list of the 10 most commonly cited violations.

As a result, we’ve created this interactive glossary of terms defined in the standard to help you brush up on some of the key concepts.

In addition to this post, we’ve pulled together a second post with a bunch of materials related to lockout/tagout.

Enjoy this one and then move on to the next if you’re interested.


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