New Paper Courses Available Now: Introduction to Paper and Board Machines; Carrier Ropes–Procedures and Maintenance

We’ve got two new courses available in our Pulp/Paper/Tissue/Corrugated training libraries! Read more about them below.

The first new course, Introduction to Paper and Board Machines, is a helpful, introductory overview of the machines used to make paper and board. Here’s a quick sample video:

And the second new course, Carrier Ropes–Procedures and Maintenance, covers proper use and maintenance procedures for carrier ropes, which are used to thread a narrow section of the sheet of paper from the wet end to the dry end of a paper machine. (This is one of several courses on carrier ropes in our pulp/paper/tissue/corrugated libraries–which the titles to see more). And here’s a sample video from that new course.

Let us a second to download our free guide to online training for people in the pulp, paper, tissue, and/corrugated industries since you’re here.

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