MSHA Videos Posted to YouTube

We went through our Surface Miner Training curriculum and pulled a video from each module. We have updated our YouTube channel ( to include all of these video samples. The samples show the type of content that we produce and show how much more interesting and engaging our training is versus the other MSHA training out on the market. If you are sick of videos from the 1980’s and 1990’s being out of date, old, and unprofessional, I suggest taking a look at our samples. For even more details, you can download Convergence Training Viewer for free and install a fully featured demonstration version of our Surface Miner Training curriculum.

2 thoughts on “MSHA Videos Posted to YouTube

    1. Hi there, Jim,

      We’re glad you have an interest in our training materials.

      You can contact someone here to learn more or set up a demo by filling out some information here:

      If you prefer using the phone, you can call either of these numbers:

      If email is your thing:

      It looks like I’ve got your email address here as a result of your comment as well, so I’ll go ahead and send an email on your behalf (CC’ing you) to someone who can help you out as well.

      Thanks for the interest.


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