Lean Manufacturing Word Game

On the way to work today, I heard a story on NPR about manufacturing in America. During the story, a manager at a textiles plant mentioned that manufacturers are always trying to get “more lean.”

He may have meant “lean” generically, to mean more efficient. Or maybe he was specifically referring to lean manufacturing, the philosophy with roots based in Training Within Industry (TWI), Japanese manufacturing, and the Toyota Production System (TPS).

A lot of our customers have an interest in lean manufacturing (with this more specific meaning). In fact, not that long ago we ran a popular post about how to introduce your workers to lean manufacturing. And so we decided we’d use this story on NPR as an excuse to create a fun, interactive word game with some of the most common terms used in lean manufacturing.

This is meant as a quick (and fun) introduction to some terms in lean. Please use the comments section at the bottom if there are other terms you think we should add. We may at some point recreate this word game, including more terms, or possibly make additional lean-related word games.

Oh, and hey–please note you can play this word game for free from our blog anytime you want, or you can download your own free copy and put it into your SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS). Read the additional notes below if you’re interested in that second option.

The word game is right below. Check it out now and any time you want in the future. And feel free to use the comments section to let us know how you did–get you get all the word correctly?

NOTE: if you’re playing this game from our blog and it doesn’t display correctly, try playing it through Internet Explorer (IE).

In addition to letting you play this lean manufacturing game here online anytime you want, we’ve set this up so you can download your own free copy and put it into a SCORM-compliant LMS. If you are interested in this second option, remember you can’t play it if you don’t first import it into an LMS. If you’re not sure what that all means, check the two linked articles below before you download the glossary.

If you’re now sure you’ve got a SCORM-compliant LMS, go ahead and download the lean manufacturing word game.

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Jeffrey Dalto

Jeffrey Dalto

Jeffrey Dalto is an Instructional Designer and the Senior Learning & Development Specialist at Convergence Training. Jeff has worked in education/training for more than twenty years and in safety training for more than ten. You can follow Jeff at LinkedIn as well.

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