Fun Electrical Wiring Safety Training Game

Looking to add some fun to your safety training?

Need to shake up your safety meetings? Looking for a quick and easy way to provide refresher training to workers?

Or perhaps you’d just like to test your own safety knowledge?

If so, you may like safety training word game about electrical wiring.


Some quick information first before we get to the electrical wiring word game.

What Kind of Electrical Wiring Safety Training Game Have We Got For You Here?

It’s a word game based on safety topics about electrical wiring. Just like you see on TV.

Where It Came From

The questions came from an OSHA Electrical Wiring Methods course created by Convergence Training.

That course is part of our Safety & Health online training library. Check the short sample video selection below.

Where You Can Get Some Similar Fun Training Games

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What It Isn’t: Even More Fun Online Safety Training Games

This isn’t the electrical wiring word game that we made available earlier in a single blog post and that’s also included in our 10 OSHA Word Games pack. That earlier word game is based on terms drawn from the OSHA Electrical Wiring regulation.

Both of the electrical wiring word games are fun and informative, but the questions and answers are different in each one.

Feel free to check out that other game, too:  Electrical Wiring Word Game, based on OSHA definitions, and OSHA Word Game 10 Pack.

Fun Electrical Wiring Training Game

Click the play button below to start playing the game.

NOTE: If this game doesn’t display correctly for you, try playing it with the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser.

So Now We Know: Electrical Wiring Safety Training CAN Be Fun!

How well did you do? Let us know below.

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