Free Vector HazCom 2012 GHS Pictogram Symbols

We’ve been updating our Online Hazard Communication training to include the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) label standards. The official GHS pictograms are out there on the internet in a few places, but we weren’t able to find all nine of the major symbols in a single file. Not for free, anyway. So, we cobbled all the symbols together in vector format to make it easier on us as we make our updates, and we thought it’d be nice to make it available for others to use for their GHS-labelling needs.

GHS-HazCom Pictogram Vector Files

These symbols are free to download, but we’d appreciate it if you gave us a shout at @better_training on Twitter if you decide to use them.

16 thoughts on “Free Vector HazCom 2012 GHS Pictogram Symbols

  1. Thanks so much for providing this service. It was extremely helpful to me and I have sent the link to several of my customers for help in designing their custom labels.

  2. Thanks very much, I’d lost the vector version I had so this is very helpful.

    FAO The AI file worked fine my end.

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