Breaking Bad: Workforce Training Suggestions

Tonight, the final episode of the TV series Breaking Bad airs.

As we like to do from time to time, we’ve prepared a list of training relevant to this pop culture phenom. below is a list with some suggestions. Don’t forget to contact Convergence Training for help with any training needs.

Note: this post includes video clips from the AMC television series Breaking Bad. If you’re not familiar with Breaking Bad, please know that it includes some colorful language and behavior. The clips below contain some of the more light-hearted moments from the show.

Resorting to Legal Means

Saul the lawyer can help nearly anyone solve a conflict. He’ll even help you find one. Better call Saul.

Our Course: Conflict Management

Staying Safe at Work

To their credit, they DO wear appropriate PPE while cooking. Here’s an elegant little clip of Walter and Gale demonstrating some nice PPE usage. I really like these montage scenes accompanied by music on the show–don’t you?

Our Course: Personal Protective Equipment

Keeping Things Ship-Shape

Walt and Jesse sure kept an organized work area in their prime super-lab days. Well, Jesse could be a touch non-compliant at times.

Our Course: 5S Methodology

Keeping Production Standards Consistent

Walt and Jesse DID develop and follow strict procedures for product quality.

Our Course: Centerlining

Being Happy in Life

When life isn’t treating you right, considering getting a new car. Or maybe two.

Our Course: Problem Solving Strategies

Working with Heat

Here’s a tip: When you have set your ill-gotten gains ablaze, then have second doubts and try to save the cash, don’t set yourself on fire in the process.

Our Course: Heat Stress Causes

Cell Phones

Saul has a drawer full of cell phones to help keep him safe. Even if one DOES have the Hello Kitty ringtone.

Caterpillar Toolbox Talk: Safe Use of Cell Phones

Jeffrey Dalto

Jeffrey Dalto

Jeffrey Dalto is an Instructional Designer and the Senior Learning & Development Specialist at Convergence Training. Jeff has worked in education/training for more than twenty years and in safety training for more than ten. You can follow Jeff at LinkedIn as well.

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