Sample Custom Animation: Machine Safety Devices

If you’re a customer of Convergence Training, or if you follow this blog, you’ve probably had a chance to see our retail training course offerings by now. Which is great.

But we do a LOT of custom work too. And if we’ve done custom work for you, you know how good it can be. It’s obvious to us that our custom-training customers like our stuff because they keep coming back for more. If you haven’t seen our custom work, you’re missing out.


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Our Most Popular Recent Posts

Convergence Training recently changed the emphasis of our blog. In recent months, we’ve put more of a focus on creating helpful materials for people in the industries we serve and for our customers. These have included articles on various topics but also free giveaways, including interactive learning devices and resources for customers who use the Convergence Learning Management System (LMS). They’ve even included a few posts just for the sake of laughs.


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Yankee Dryer Course Series Now Available

As part of our new Tissue/Paper retail course offerings, we’re excited to announce that a series of new courses focused on the Yankee Dryer are now available. The new courses are listed below.

Yankee Dryer Design and Construction

The Yankee dryer is a large, steam-heated, pressure vessel that is used in the production of tissue grades. Two critical operations occur at the Yankee – the sheet is dried to its final moisture target, and it is creped to add bulk, stretch, and softness to the sheet. The design and construction of Yankee dryers has evolved over time to optimize these two operations and also provide a safe work environment for the people who work around them. This course describes the major external and internal components of a Yankee dryer installed on a tissue machine, and the purpose or function of each component.

Yankee Dryer Dry Creping Basics

The Yankee dryer is a large, steam-heated, pressure vessel that is used in the production of tissue grades. After the tissue sheet is dried by the Yankee dryer and Yankee hoods to its final moisture target, it is creped and removed from the Yankee by the creping doctor. The “dry creping” process is responsible for the bulk, stretch, and softness that are desirable in tissue grades. This course describes what happens to the sheet during dry creping, factors that influence dry creping results, the design and operation of the creping blade, and blade angles and sheet angles associated with the creping blade.

Yankee Steam and Condensate Systems

This course describes the steam distribution and condensate removal equipment found in a Yankee dryer. It discusses how the steam pressure inside the dryer is controlled, how thermocompressors operate, and two common methods used to control the flows of steam and condensate through a Yankee dryer.

Yankee Dryer Coating

This course discusses the purpose of the Yankee dryer coating, and describes how the coating affects the drying and creping processes on the Yankee dryer. It also covers the history of Yankee coating, Yankee coating theory, the purpose and delivery of the coating ingredients (adhesives, release agents, and modifiers), and the set up of the Yankee sprayboom and glue box.

Yankee Dryer Safety

This course covers some general safety guidelines for working on or around a Yankee dryer. It describes the importance and purpose of following approved warm up and cool down procedures, doctor blade safety guidelines, steam pressure limits and relief valves, shell thickness considerations, and the influence of thermal spray coatings. It ends with discussions on the importance of regular maintenance, inspections, repairs and alterations, and detailed record keeping.

Yankee Dryer Hoods and Air Systems

This course describes the equipment and processes responsible for supplying dry, heated air to, and removing humid exhaust air, from the Yankee hoods on a typical, modern Yankee dryer. Using a two-hood setup as a basis, it describes the equipment used to supply, recirculate, and exhaust the air in the hood air system. Gas burner operations, cross-machine moisture profiling, heat recovery equipment, and hood balancing are also covered.

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Violence In the Workplace Course Now Available

The second of the two courses we’re releasing this week is Violence in the Workplace.

Every year in the U.S., there are an estimated 2 million reported cases of workplace violence. NIOSH defines workplace violence as any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, or intimidation that occurs in the workplace. It can be instigated by criminals, customers, co-workers, or someone you have a personal relationship with. This course will raise awareness of the consequences of workplace violence and describe how to recognize warning signs so you and your coworkers can avoid these dangerous situations.

Like all our courses, Violence in the Workplace is SCORM-compliant so you can use it in a learning management system (LMS). It features engaging animation including 3D visuals and an audio narration, unscored practice questions, and a scored test at the end to assess learner comprehension. And it rocks!

Want to judge for yourself? Check the sample below. Want to get a copy for your workplace? You’ll want to click right here.

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5S Methodology Course Now Available

Our busy production department has readied two new courses that are now available. The first is 5S Methodologies.

Is your workplace a mess? Tired of spending hours searching for the right tool? Our new 5S Methodologies course will teach you about the 5S methodology, which focuses on organizing and standardizing the workplace to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Its five principles–sorting, straightening, sweeping, standardizing and sustaining–will make you and your co-workers better prepared to accomplish all of your tasks while being safer and more efficient in the process.

Like all our courses, 5S Methodologies is SCORM-compliant so you can use it in a learning management system (LMS). It features engaging animation including 3D visuals and an audio narration, unscored practice questions, and a scored test at the end to assess learner comprehension. And like our other training courses, you’re going to like it!

Want to take a peek? Check the sample immediately below. Want to get a copy? Right this way.

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Box Plant Training Library in Development

We’re excited to announce that we’ll soon release our Corrugated Box Basics computer-based training module. What’s even more exciting is that Corrugated Box Basics is the first of an 8-module CBT library called Box Plant Basics that we’ve currently got in production; additional titles will be released shortly.

The Box Plant Basics course offerings will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the process of making corrugated boxes. Box plants can use it to:

  • Quickly get new hires up to speed on basic production issues
  • Ensure that all workers share a common understanding and working vocabulary
  • Give salespeople a working knowledge of the box-making process
  • Save expensive instructor-led training hours for more effective, hands-on training

The Box Plant Basics library will include eight modules covering the process from A to Z. The modules are:

  • Corrugated Box Basics: Introduces common industry terms and standard box styles. Includes a brief history of corrugated board- and box-making equipment.
  • Box Plant Equipment Basics: Introduces some common box plant machines and processes, and discusses equipment layout and storage considerations.
  • Box Plant – Raw Materials: Describes fiber sources, pulping and papermaking processes, glues, inks, and coatings used in the production of corrugated board and corrugated boxes.
  • Single- and Multi-Wall Corrugators: Details the equipment and processes involved in the production of single-face, single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall corrugated board.
  • Flexo Folder-Gluers: Describes the design and operation of flexo folder-gluers.
  • Die Cutters: Describes the design and operation of rotary and flat (platen) die cutters.
  • Other Box Plant Equipment: Describes the design and operation of other common box plant equipment, including labelers, laminators, presses, and palletizers.
  • Box Plant Tests: Describes the end-use requirements for corrugated board and corrugated boxes, and details some common tests that are used to predict the performance of linerboard, corrugating medium, corrugated board, and corrugated boxes.

Of course, these new computer-based training courses have all the features you’ve come to expect from your friends at Convergence Training. These include:

  • Reliable information from experts in the field
  • Effective instructional design to maximize learning
  • Crisp, simple writing to increase comprehension
  • Engaging animated videos featuring 3D, 2D, and more
  • Fully narrated audio track
  • Unscored practice questions for self-assessment
  • Scored test for assessment
  • SCORM 1.2-compliant for use with learning management systems (LMS)

We’ll make an announcement when the Corrugated Box Basics course is finished—that should be very soon. And we’ll make additional announcements when the other courses in this library become available. Keep your eyes on your inbox, the Convergence Training blog, and the full list of training courses we offer on our website to keep up to date.

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Free Vector HazCom 2012 GHS Pictogram Symbols

We’ve been updating our Online Hazard Communication training to include the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) label standards. The official GHS pictograms are out there on the internet in a few places, but we weren’t able to find all nine of the major symbols in a single file. Not for free, anyway. So, we cobbled all the symbols together in vector format to make it easier on us as we make our updates, and we thought it’d be nice to make it available for others to use for their GHS-labelling needs.


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16 New Workforce Essentials Courses Planned

We’re making the final preparations for the release of our Violence in the Workplace course. This will be the second title from our new Workforce Essentials library of DVD and CBT training courses, adding to our Sexual Harassment Awareness course, currently available from

Perfect for management and human resources departments, our Workforce Essentials library contains courses relevant to establishing fundamental guidelines for safe, healthy, and respectful employee conduct. We’re planning to add 16 new courses to the library over the coming year.

Workforce Essentials Courses – Coming Soon:

  • Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Meeting Customer Expectations
  • 5S Methodology
  • Understanding Facility Costs
  • Centerlining
  • Process Control Chart Basics
  • Equipment Maintenance and Reliability
  • Conflict Management
  • Workers with Disabilities
  • Discrimination Awareness
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Intellectual Property Rights Basics
  • Legal Agreement Basics
  • Workplace Stress

Of course, these new courses will be loaded with all the features you’ve come to expect from Convergence training, such as:

  • Straight, clear, and to-the-point content
  • Audio narration and full written text
  • Multimedia visuals featuring animated 3D
  • Interactive practice questions and scored assessment
  • Effective and engaging instructional design
  • SCORM 1.2 compliance

Be sure to check back to see when the courses in this exciting and highly useful new training library are available. On our end, we’ll be sure to make an announcement as each of these courses becomes available for sale.

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Convergence Forklift Safety Course in the NEWS!

As the economy rebuilds and hiring rates increase, employers everywhere are looking toward e-learning resources to satisfy compliance requirements and other corporate training needs. One such e-learning resource is Open Sesame, an online marketplace which sells Convergence computer-based safety training courses among thousands of other valuable HR and business-related titles.

In their Business News segment titled, “Portland Tech Startup Hosts Business Classes,” KGW News Channel 8 in Portland OR reports how companies like Convergence Training offer courses through Open Sesame’s e-learning marketplace. You’ll see a sample of Convergence Training’s Forklift Safety course at 01:21 in the broadcast.

Out of over 16,000 courses, Open Sesame chose to show a sample of our advanced, computer-animated training. That’s a genuine endorsement of our talented animators and instructional designers. Way to go, TEAM!

As always, you can see samples of all our courses HERE or visit and search for “Convergence Training” to see how we compare with other providers.

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Arc Flash Safety Video Gets Review: “Highly Recommended”

Our new course Arc Flash Safety received its first online, customer review. It reads:

“I found “Arc Flash Safety” to be a well produced, effective tool for communicating hazard risks and required mitigation techniques associated with working on and around energized electrical equipment. The content begins with basic information, becomes more specific with time, and is delivered in lay person terms. The graphics serve to create understanding, maintain attention and interest, and reinforce key learning points. I highly recommend this DVD for anyone desiring to stimulate a general awareness through all levels of their organization, motivate additional learning, provide refresher awareness training for experienced personnel, and affect positive behavioral change.”

-Steve S., from Georgia

Thanks, Steve, for the thoughtful review. We very humbly agree.

As Steve points out, our courses begin with basic information and become more in-depth as the course goes on. This “layering” approach is an important part of good instructional design, especially when communicating with an audience that is relatively new to the information you are teaching. For instance, for our arc flash course, we began with a simple primer on how electricity works, and the basic science behind arc flashes and arc blasts, and then we layered on more complex ideas, such as what common electrical work scenarios lead to these incidents, and how NFPA 70E guidelines protect against risks.

A common mistake in many introductory, awareness-raising safety courses is that they do not layer the information in such a way. For instance, the course might immediately start to discuss electrical regulations and guidelines. But if your audience doesn’t even have a good idea of what the general hazard is, and why they should be afraid of it, the motivation and ability to absorb the more technical information is not going to be there.

As Steve also says, the visual graphics and animations of the course “create understanding, maintain attention and interest, and reinforce key learning points.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Besides the educational value from seeing concepts illustrated visually, the Convergence style aims to engage workers. When it comes to safety and health training, sometimes the biggest challenge is just getting your workers to sit still and watch the training. With our dynamic 3D animations, one of the hardest parts of the learning process—getting the attention of your audience—is accomplished.

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Valve Performance Video Now Available

You may know how valves work, but do you know how to select the right valve for the job based on its performance characteristics? If not, this is the course you’ve been looking for. Learn all the basic concepts and terms for evaluating a valve, including those for the amount of fluid that can flow through a given valve in a period of time, the distance the valve stem travels from the open to closed position and the relationship between the valve travel distance and the corresponding changes in flow rate. You’ll also discover how the performance of a valve can change after it’s installed in a real system with varying conditions, how well a valve can withstand pressure and prevent leakage, and how control systems can be used to increase the efficiency of valves.

Our Valve Performance course includes training and test materials for the following subjects:

  • Valve coefficient
  • Stroke
  • Flow characteristics
  • Pressure classes
  • Shutoff classes
  • Actuator-controlled valves
  • Control loops
  • Rangeability

Visit for details on how to purchase our Valve Performance dvd.

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Modernize Your Workforce Training to Increase Efficiency


A message from Kenny Dellavalle, Operations Manager of Convergence Training

The most successful modern businesses are ultra-efficient and advanced in everything they do, including how they educate their workforces. Successful businesses understand that a good training program more than pays for itself—it makes money.

A good training program educates workers quickly, minimizing downtime. A good training program distributes knowledge throughout an organization, where and when it’s needed. A good training program ensures workers have the correct information, across the organization, and this minimizes mistakes. In some industries, a good training program keeps workers physically safe by educating them about hazards. With all of these benefits, a good training program makes money.


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