Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Safety Challenges and Solutions

Like manufacturers in all industries, pharmaceutical manufacturers and their employees face real and serious health and safety issues. In some cases, the hazards are the same ones we find in most manufacturing facilities. In other cases, the hazards are more specific to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Likewise, pharmaceutical manufacturers use hazard controls and risk mitigations that are common to many industries as well as more specific to pharmaceutical manufacturing, including all levels of the hierarchy of controls, from elimination down to administrative controls such as training for pharmaceutical safety and the use of PPE.

We’ll look at some pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges (hazards) and solutions (controls) below.


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OSHA Recordkeeping & Reporting Deadlines Coming Soon

xOSHA Deadlines Image

Here’s a quick reminder for you that a few OSHA deadlines re: incident recordkeeping and reporting are coming up soon.

On February 1, 2020, you’ll have to have your OSHA Form 300A posted at each establishment. And on March 2, 2020, many organizations will be required to submit incident data from the previous year to OSHA using the still-somewhat-newish online submission (ITA) website.

Hope those quick reminders help. If you’d like even more information, check out our free recorded webinar on OSHA reporting and recordkeeping or download our FREE Guide to OSHA Recordkeeping & Reporting.

And if you’d like some help with all this, check out the Vector EHS software we now have available.

OSHA Reporting & Recordkeeping Guide Button

Free OSHA Injury & Illness Reporting & Recordkeeping Guide Download

Download this free guide to learn what you need to know about OSHA requirements for injury & illness reporting and recordkeeping.

Download Free Guide

OSHA Reporting & Recordkeeping Guide Button

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Safety Classics Reconsidered: An Interview with Ron Gantt

Safety Classics Reconsidered Image
The other day we called up our friend Ron Gantt, the Safety Differently thinker, to get his take on some standard ideas in traditional safety.

In particular, we asked Ron for his take on (1) safety and compliance; (2) safety indicators–lagging and leading; (3) safety measurement; (4) Heinrich’s safety pyramid; (5) SOPs, work as planned, and work as performed; (6) job hazard analyses, or JHAs; (7) the hierarchy of controls; (8) incident investigations & root causes; (9) behavior-based safety; (10) risk & risk management; and (11) safety culture.

Ron was kind enough to answer all our questions in helpful and thought-provoking ways (which is typical for Ron).

You can watch a recording of our discussion below (watch for the appearances of Ron’s dogs!) or read a transcript  below. And we’ve included some links to earlier discussions about Safety Differently with Ron below as well.

We’d like to thank Ron once again and we are sure you’ll find this discussion interesting.

Check out these other discussions with Ron, too:


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Machine Guarding Checklist – Free Download

Machine Guarding Checklist Image

Hello, friend! And welcome to another Convergence Training blog post with a free checklist that you can use as part of your company’s health and safety efforts.

This time, the checklist is for machine guarding, and in particular OSHA general industry machine guarding compliance.

Read on for more information and to download the free machine guarding checklist.

And, we’ve got more free downloadable checklists on other safety topics here.


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Vector EHS Safety Management Software Demo (Recorded)

Convergence Training Image

If you’ve been following recent happenings at Convergence Training lately, you may be aware that we can now offer to you our Vector EHS safety management software application.

If you’d like to learn more about Vector EHS, you’re in luck. Our partners at Industry Safe, who created Vector EHS, recently did a demo webinar and we’ve got a recording of it for you below.

Also, feel free to check out the recording of our recent webinar on OSHA recordkeeping & reporting and stay tuned for the arrival of a free guide to OSHA recordkeeping and reporting (we’re working on it now).

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about the Vector EHS safety management software we’ve got available for you.

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Recorded OSHA Reporting & Recordkeeping Webinar

Convergence Training Image

Our Vector Solutions partners Industry Safe and RedVector recently held a webinar explaining OSHA reporting & recordkeeping requirements–as well as giving a quick demo of how to do some of this with VectorEHS, the safety management software made by Industry Safe that we sell here at Convergence Training.

Check out the recording below to answer your OSHA reporting & recordkeeping questions and let us know if you’ve got any questions for us.

You might also want to download our free guide to OSHA Reporting & Recordkeeping.

Hope you found that helpful! If you’d like to learn more about the Vector EHS safety management software, check out this recently recorded demo webinar.

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Vector Solutions Monthly Blog Round-Up: November, 2019

Convergence Training Image

As happens twelve times a year, the month has changed. And in a like-minded effort to keep up with and note lunar motion, our parent company Vector Solutions has published their monthly round-up of articles from the blogs of different Vector Solutions business units, including your friends here at Convergence Training.

This most recent round-up includes articles published in November, 2019 and includes the following:

  • Vector Solutions on innovations, trends, and predictions for 2020.
  • IndustrySafe with a profile of their new employee, Elizabeth Munz.
  • RedVector with tips on how engineers can write the ultimate resume.
  • SafeSchools with vaping prevention resources.
  • TargetSolutions with some news on recent LMS updates.
  • And your favorite industrial training blog, Convergence Training, with one of our two recent interviews with Dr. Will Thalheimer on training evaluation models

If we’ve sparked your interest, check out the November, 2019 Vector Solutions Blog Round-Up.


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The LTEM Training & Learning Evaluation Model

LTEM Learning Evaluation Image

In a recent discussion with learning researcher Dr. Will Thalheimer, we discussed four common learning evaluations models and mentioned that, in addition, Dr. Thalheimer had recently created his own called LTEM (which he “workshopped” with other leaders in the field and which he’s now iterated 12 times).

In the discussion below, Dr. Thalheimer explains his LTEM learning evaluation model.

We’d like to thank Dr. Thalheimer for taking time to talk with us about this and for all of his contributions to workplace learning, including his work on smile sheets, spaced practice, conference presentations, the effectiveness of elearning, evidence-based training & learning myths, and lots more.

If you’d like to watch the recorded video, we’ve got that for you immediately below. If you’d prefer to read the transcript, that’s below the video. Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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LMS Basics: Can You Migrate Training Data from One LMS to Another?

LMS Basics Image

In this new installment of our ongoing LMS Basics article series, we’ll answer a common question: can you take training data from one learning management system (LMS) and automate the process of migrating that data to a different LMS?

We’ll give the answers to your questions below. And know we’ve got a few other LMS-related articles that in this series that may be of interest to you, including:

Read on to learn more about migrating training data from LMS to LMS.


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OSHA Basics: What Are the OSHA General Industry Regulations?

OSHA Basics Image

If you’re new to occupational safety and health regulations, OSHA and the OSHA regulations or standards may be unfamiliar to you and perhaps even confusing.

To help demystify things, we’ve written this installment in our series of articles titled OSHA Basics to explain to you what OSHA means by “general industry” and what the OSHA general industry occupational safety and health regulations are.

And before you begin reading, know that we’ve got a free OSHA General Industry Compliance Guide for you, too!


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Safety Training for Family Thanksgiving

thanksgiving safety training imageThanksgiving day! A time to reflect on all our good fortunes and be thankful. A cherished opportunity to enjoy the company of not only our immediate family but our extended family too. A time to eat a wonderful meal, all expertly cooked and artfully served, while enjoying the company of all.

Well, that’s how it works sometimes, for some people. More power to them, right?

Other times, though, Thanksgiving doesn’t go quite according to plan. To prepare for those instances, you may want to consider some of the following titles from our online workforce training and online safety training libraries.

Read on for some tips and chuckles. And despite the tongue-in-cheek approach below, we truly DO wish you a great holiday.


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OSHA General Industry Compliance Guide

OSHA General Industry Compliance Guide

If you’re an employer subject to OSHA’s 1910 General Industry regulations, you’re going to appreciate the free Guide to OSHA General Industry Compliance that we’ve prepared for you (and that you can download at the bottom of this article).

Now, you’re right to get excited, but we also want to remind you of what you already probably know: although this guide will HELP you comply with the OSHA 1910 regulations for general industry employers, it’s not a guarantee. You’re going to have to take site-specific circumstances into consideration, plus OSHA regulations can change, etc.

But you’ll definitely find this guide helpful for complying with the general industry regulations. So go ahead and download it now!

We also have written up three blog articles for training materials we offer that will help with these requirements. To look into that, check the following articles:

  1. Training Suggestions for OSHA General Industry Compliance Requirements, Part 1
  2. Training Suggestions for OSHA General Industry Compliance Requirements, Part 2
  3. Training Suggestions for OSHA General Industry Compliance Requirements, Part 3

Hope you enjoy the general industry compliance guide and let us know if you’ve got any questions.

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