Advanced Training Management Tools.

Great for manufacturing & industry Identify & resolve compliance gaps Advanced reporting & scheduling Import & create training

Take Your Training To A New Level

Overwhelmed by scheduling, training, and documenting regulatory compliance and job competency? Looking for a better way to manage training records and distribute training to employees? Enterprise™ makes it easy.

Increase Training Efficiency

Enable employees to complete important training on-site at their convenience.

Organize Training Records

All your training data in one place. Track online, classroom, and on-the-job skills.

Easily Manage Compliance

Identify gaps in compliance and generate compliance reports with a single click.

Enterprise™ Features

Industrial-Strength Enterprise LMS

This is a learning management system made for the demands of industrial facilities. Produce practical, trackable results with this efficient, easy-to-use system, and administer your training program with impressive flexibility. Whether you operate a single site or large multi-site company, Enterprise™ is designed to meet your needs.

Compliance & Qualification Management

Ensure your workers are qualified for their jobs. Create required courses and activities, and use these requirements to track worker qualifications at a single site or throughout your entire organization. Search the system for specific employees or qualifications, and print or email records on-demand to confirm competency.

Enterprise-Level Scalability

Convergence Enterprise™ is designed to grow with you. Pilot the system at one site, and easily scale up over time to include your whole organization. Take advantage of our fast multimedia content servers which allow you to stream large SCORM courses, videos, and other high-bandwith training materials more efficiently.

Robust Tracking & Reporting

Track both computer-based and real-world training, including instructor-led and field testing. Workers digitally "sign" documents to acknowledge receipt and understanding. Use our library of over 50 pre-built reports to easily analyze training data and determine the compliance status of your workers.

Create & Import Training

Use our Import Wizard to easily import training content in standard SCORM or AICC formats. Combine your imported training with quizzes, tests, and tasklists created with the Enterprise™ multimedia Quiz Builder, and include images or videos to enhance interactivity.

Schedule & Automate Tasks

Reduce the time and cost involved in administering your training program by taking advantage of our scheduling and automation features. Workers get clear instruction on how to take required training and receive automatic notifications for upcoming classes and tests. Results are instantly generated and emailed.

Multiple Language Support

Convergence Enterprise LMS is currently available in several different languages, and can be translated into multiple languages to support international or multi-national operations.